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Triforce Wiki:Why create an account?

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At the Triforce Wiki, we have no policy excluding "anonymous" or "unregistered" users—that is, users who are not logged-in. When you edit a page without logging-in, the edit is treated the same—it still shows up as soon as you hit "save," and you are still able to use the same markup—but your IP address will be recorded in the edit history. However, there are some benefits to creating an account logging-in that you should consider.


There are almost no requirements to creating an account.

  • It takes about a minute: simply fill in a desired username, password, confirm your password, and submit. Your account will be created instantly. The only way it could take more than a few seconds is if your username is already taken and you have to choose another.
  • No email or any other contact information is required. There is no email confirmation necessary, but one may be added to your account to stay notified of certain wiki activities, such as being contacted by another user. Only a CAPTCHA confirmation that you are human is needed.
  • It's free! No money is required to sign up for an account.


Several benefits are associated with having an account:

  • You can be known by a name and not a number.
  • You can participate in policy discussions on the wiki.
  • You can keep all your edits together, no matter where you edit from - even if you edit from several locations.
  • Your IP address will not be recorded, therefore giving you your privacy.
  • You can customize your user preferences, including your signature.

In addition to these benefits, even more benefits unlock once your account reaches autoconfirmed status.

As you can see, there are many reasons to create an account, and it's no sweat at all. If you feel the same, make one now and start editing!


We would like to thank the Kingdom Hearts Wiki for their original policy page.