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Triforce Wiki:Userboxes

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Userboxes are customizable boxes that allow users to introduce or describe themselves to other users. They are meant to be used on userpages.

Triforce Wiki would like to thank WiKirby and Super Mario Wiki for their userbox help pages.


  • To begin a userbox tower, type {{userboxtop}}
  • Add some userboxes using {{userbox}}
  • Add {{userboxbottom}} at the end of a page. This is the same as adding |}, but the template exists to make the source look more organized.

Creating a userbox

Creating a new userbox is easy and does not require any HTML knowledge. The parameters are self-explanatory, and they can be used to add text, images and color. A userbox is created by using this format:


This is an example of a userbox:

Wii logo.svg This user owns a Wii.

For the two "...background" options, specify a color either by name, hex code or with the {{Color}} template. The "id" field represents the left side of an infobox, which shows either an image or text. The "info" field is the text displayed on the right.

List of userboxes

For a list of sample userboxes, see Triforce Wiki:Userbox list.