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Dungeons are some of the main locations that are featured in every The Legend of Zelda game. They are underground or indoor area that feature several mazes, traps, enemies, and puzzles. Dungeons have a layout that usually require Link to complete a certain task before he can enter the next room. Every dungeon has a boss at the end, and by defeating it, Link is rewarded with a special item, which usually has a main role in the game's story. Several dungeons have either one or a few mini-bosses. Several dungeons have a unique item, often one that requires Link to fight the dungeon's boss or to progress within the dungeon, and several of these items are used in later parts of Link's adventure.

In the first The Legend of Zelda, they are known as labyrinths. In Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, they are known as palaces.

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