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  • 19:34, July 30, 2022 diff hist −783 User:Amperacurrent
  • 15:43, March 13, 2022 diff hist +1,257 User talk:Ampera
  • 17:45, March 12, 2022 diff hist +1,863 N User:AmperaCreated page with "===Who Am I=== ---- Greetings. I am Ampera, and I am a systems administrator for Grifkuba Gaming Services. If you are reading my user page, it's quite likely you are wondering why I have an account on this wiki, what I am doing here, and why I (might) have the sysop/Administrator role. While Grifkuba strives to maintain the independence of wikis we host, it is occasionally necessary to log into the wikis we host in order to debug problems, and help wiki staff with issu..."