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See also: Help:Gallery, Help:Media

Here's how to add a picture:

  1. Find an image you want on your page on any other page in the wiki, or on the image list page.
    • If you want to upload a new picture, go to the upload file page. (This link can also be found labeled "Upload file" in the navigation pane on the left-hand side, under "tools".) Once there, you can browse for your image, change the file name if necessary, and type a description of the image. Simply click "Upload" to add the picture to the database.
  2. Once you've found or uploaded an image, find out its name (including the extension), which will be something like "File:Image name.ext". Images can be added using the "File:" or "Image:" tag. Extensions (.ext) used for images on the Triforce Wiki are .jpg, .png, .gif, or .svg (Scalable Vector Graphics).
  3. Now, find a nice place on your user page, edit the code, and add this text, replacing the name, extension and caption appropriately:
    [[File:Image name.ext|thumb|Caption]]
  4. If you want to control the size of the thumbnail, you can specify its width in pixels. For a 100 pixel-wide thumbnail, this would be:
    [[File:Image name.ext|thumb|100px|Caption]]
  5. Thumbnails automatically go to the far right-hand side of a page, but you can specify it to go to the left side, right side or center instead. For the same image placed on the left, this would be:
    [[File:Image name.ext|thumb|left|100px|Caption]]
  6. Images can also be placed in frames, which cannot be resized, but still use the other parameters:
    [[File:Image name.ext|frame|left|Caption]]

Note: The caption usually comes last for both thumbnails and frames, although most parameters can be in any order.


The code for this image is...

The code for the image shown on the right is:

[[File:Example.png|thumb|100px|The code for this image is...]]


The original help page is from the Super Mario Wiki.

External help[edit]