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Triforce Wiki:Trivia

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Triforce Wiki provides a multitude of information in all of its articles. Normally, all information should be placed in the main sections of an article, but some information does not meet the requirements to fit into any of the clearly-defined sections. Instead, this information can be added into a trivia section.

Trivia sections should be used to add interesting information that does not fit in with the general content, but Triforce Wiki pages should try to keep these sections as minimal as possible, rather preferring such information to be integrated into the main article or being omitted entirely. Overall, this stems from the belief that wiki trivia sections are overused: they are often large digressions, too subjective, or simply do not add anything constructive about the subject. Too many biased or unhelpful trivia sections may also come across as informal.

Any information within a trivia section should also be strictly relevant to the article it appears on. For example, miscellaneous information about a character's appearance in a game would best belong on that character's respective page—not the game's page. If any trivia piece can be sourced, said source recommended to be added.

It is recommended that the {{Trivia}} tag be applied to overly long trivia sections, which indicates to other users that they shouldn't add more information, but rather, find convenient places for the pre-existing trivia points elsewhere on the article.