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Triforce Wiki:Bureaucrats

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Bureaucrats are administrators who have been given some additional rights. They are the highest rank, behind the proprietor. When a user is promoted, the bureaucrat rank does not replace the administrator rank, but merely adds to it.

Doc von Schmeltwick is the bureaucrat as well as the proprietor of Triforce Wiki.


Along with the normal responsibilities and abilities of an administrator, bureaucrats can rename users. They also have the ability to promote and demote other users after the staff as a whole agrees on new appointments or dismissals, or if a retiring administrator requests a demotion.

Bureaucrats are also important to make official decisions involving controversial or important discussions. They are required to step in in the rare occurrence of administrator making mistakes, such as giving inappropriate warnings or otherwise abusing their power and authority. It is expected that bureaucrats stay on top of all discussions and important wiki matters, and are willing to take the initiative whenever strong leadership is needed.