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Help:Title restrictions

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Some article titles cannot be named correctly due to software limitations. However, there is a way to fix this problem.

Restrictions on naming[edit]

The MediaWiki software is configured to transform the first letter to uppercase, so no page title can start with a lowercase letter. The MediaWiki software also makes no distinction between underscores and spaces in page titles, so underscores will display as spaces.

The character / is allowed in titles but is impossible to link to from a namespace that supports subpages if it is the first character of the title. The following characters are not allowed in page titles at all:

# + < > [ ] | { } 

Fixing the title[edit]

However, it can seem to be correct by simply using {{DISPLAYTITLE:Page name here}}. This can also be used to put normally restricted characters in page titles. Note links to these pages still need to be the correct link (this is noted by the software in small, indented gray text under the new title).


The original help page is from the Super Mario Wiki.