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First appearance The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (2006)
Latest appearance The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (2015)
Species Human

Hanch is a minor character who appears in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. He has a wife named Sera and a daughter named Beth. The three of them live together in Ordon Village.


Around the start of the game, Hanch is trying to knock down a beehive from a tree above Fado's House. This is because he is trying to obtain the Bee Larvae found within to cheer up his wife, who is upset that their cat is missing. If Link talks to Hanch and remains around him for a few seconds, Hanch throws a rock at the hive. Not only is Hanch's throw unsuccessful in dislodging the hive, but he managed to anger the bees, who then swarm on him. Hanch quickly flees to the nearest body of water, and is stung in the face a few times along the way.

There are three ways in which Link can knock down the bees' nest for Hanch: he can use the Slingshot; summon a hawk by using Hawk Grass growing on a nearby rock, and launch the hawk at the nest; or climb the vines on the tree and go close enough to the nest so that it falls off.

Later, after the children of Ordon Village were kidnapped by Bulblins, Hanch has the task of guarding the village at night. Whenever Wolf Link gets near Hanch within visible range, he mistakes Wolf Link for being a monster and demands him to return his daughter. Hanch then summons a hawk and attacks Link by launching it at him. Hanch is standing in the way of the only path to Sera's Sundries, where the Ordon Shield is kept. Wolf Link must sneak up behind Hanch and scare him into falling back into the water again.