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Blacksmith (enemy)

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ZA Blacksmith.png
First appearance Zelda's Adventure (1995)
“Begone! I, Blacksmith, have my work to do, no time for intruders!”
Blacksmith, Zelda's Adventure

Blacksmiths are enemies in Zelda's Adventure found early in the Shrine of Fire. Two of them are found separately, both working at creating spears on anvils in the shrine's forge. When Zelda enters their rooms, they stop working and begin to attack while threatening her. To attack, they move between the anvils and occasionally throw a freshly made spear. Both can be defeated with three hits from the wand, and the second one drops the shrine's Compass upon defeat.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Blacksmith[1] Blacksmith


  • The voice used for the Blacksmiths is nearly identical to the one used for Warbane, the shrine's boss, but without the echoing effect his has.