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Telephone Booth

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Link inside a Telephone Booth in the Nintendo Switch remake

Telephone Booths, or Phone Booths[1], are optional areas located throughout Koholint Island in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. They are hollow shrub-like structures with an open entrance in the front. Every Telephone Booth has a large, black rotary phone on top. Telephone Booths are mostly empty except for a rotary phone, which Link can use to call Old Man Ulrira for hints to progress in his adventure.

In the Nintendo Switch remake, extra details were added to the Telephone Booth's interior, such as vines growing around a ceiling, red hardcover books on a bookshelf, and an alcove to the right with four stacked blue hardcover books, a feather in an ink bottle and stacked papers.


There are a total of eight Telephone Booths in the game.

Image Location
Telephone Booth 1 LA Switch location.jpg Mabe Village
Directly south of Marin and Tarin's House
Telephone Booth 2 LA Switch location.jpg Mysterious Forest
East of Weird Mr. Write
Telephone Booth 3 LA Switch location.jpg Ukuku Prairie
Located the the lower-left of the warp point
Telephone Booth 4 LA Switch location.jpg Ukuku Prairie
To the west of Seashell Mansion
Telephone Booth 5 LA Switch location.jpg Kanalet Castle
At the northeast corner of the area surrounding the castle
Telephone Booth 6 LA Switch location.jpg Martha's Bay
Located east of the House by the Bay
Telephone Booth 7 LA Switch location.jpg Martha's Bay
In the northeast region, west of Animal Village
Telephone Booth 8 LA Switch location.jpg Western Tal Tal Mountains
Located right before Turtle Rock


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 電話ボックス[2]
Denwa Bokkusu
Telephone Box



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