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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
Links Awakening box art.jpg
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date Japan June 6, 1993
USA August 1993
Europe Late 1993
Genre(s) Action-adventure
Console(s) Game Boy
Mode(s) Single player
This article is about the Game Boy game. For the enhanced Game Boy Color port, see The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX. For the Nintendo Switch remake, see The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Nintendo Switch).

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is the fourth installment of The Legend of Zelda series and the first handheld title in the series. It was released for the Game Boy in 1993. The game was later ported to the Game Boy Color in 1998 with the title The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX, which was released on a dual-format black cartridge allowing it to also be playable on original Game Boy units like the original version. A two-volume manga based on the game was released in Japan in 1994.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is a departure from the main storyline involving Princess Zelda, Ganon, and the Triforce. It takes place after the events of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Instead of taking place in Hyrule, the game is set on Koholint Island, where Link is stranded on. To leave the island, Link goes on an adventure to retrieve the Instruments of the Sirens and awaken the Wind Fish.

In February 2019, a Nintendo Direct revealed that a remake of Link's Awakening was under development for the Nintendo Switch. It released worldwide on September 20, 2019.


Link enduring a sea storm in the opening intro

After Link's defeat of Ganon in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, peace was restored in Hyrule, though many were precarious and wondered of potential threats arising from Ganon's ashes. In response, Link left Hyrule and journeyed to foreign lands to strengthen his skills and wits in case a possible threat would occur. After months of training, Link felt ready to return to Hyrule, so he got on a small boat and traveled back.[1][2]

As Link goes seafaring in the Great Hyrulean Sea, he gets caught in a big sea storm. A bolt of lightning strikes the boat, causing it to break and sink underwater. Link unconsciously drifts away at the sea, and washes up onto the shore of Koholint Island along with the ship wreckage. Link is found by a young woman, who struggles to wake him up, so she takes him to her home to recover.

An owl briefly explains the Wind Fish to Link

Link wakes up on a bed inside her house, located in Mabe Village. From the young woman's voice, he mistakenly believes her to be Princess Zelda, so the young woman, named Marin, introduces herself and tells Link that he is on Koholint Island. She states that many monsters have appeared on Koholint Island where he was washed ashore. Link goes to talk to her father, Tarin, who gives him back his Shield that he found.

Following Marin's instruction, Link goes to the beach, named Toronbo Shores, and finds his sword stuck in a beach. Just before obtaining his sword, Link is encountered by an owl, who tells him that he cannot leave the island unless he awakens the Wind Fish. The owl mentions that the monsters are more violent for this reason. The owl flies off to the Mysterious Forest and waits there for Link.

Upon entering the Mysterious Forest, Link is greeted again by the owl, who instructs him to retrieve the key to unlock the first dungeon, Tail Cave. Link manages to obtain the key, and he enters the Tail Cave. At the end of the cave, Link gets in a boss fight with Moldorm. After defeating the boss, Link goes into the room above and obtains the Full Moon Cello, the first of the Instrument of the Sirens. The owl appears again and explains to Link that the cello and the seven other Instruments of the Sirens are required to awaken the Wind Fish.

Later, during his search for the sixth instrument, Link enters the Ancient Ruins, which has a mural stating that Koholint Island is a dream world created by the Wind Fish, and that the island would permanently disappear if he woke up. After reading it, Link encounters the owl another time, who tells Link that the mural is only a rumor and that only the Wind Fish knows whether it is true. Throughout Koholint Island, the Nightmares attempt to take control of the Wind Fish's dream world, and try to stop Link from waking up the Wind Fish.

Link battling the Lanmola form of the final boss, the Shadows

After a long journey, Link obtains the eighth and final instrument, the Thunder Drum, in Turtle Rock. He returns to the Wind Fish's Egg, located in the center of Tal Tal Mountain range, and plays the Ballad of the Wind Fish with his Ocarina and the eight Instruments of the Sirens. By doing so, a hole cracks open in the Wind Fish's Egg, and Link enters inside. After traveling through a maze, Link falls into an enclosed chamber. Here he engages in a final battle against the Shadows and their six forms, most of whom are bosses from earlier The Legend of Zelda titles. Its final form is DethI, a one-eyed, two-tentacled creature.

The awakened Wind Fish explains his dream to Link in the ending

Link manages to defeat the Shadows, causing a long ladder to appear before him. Link climbs to the top and stands on a platform overseeing a starry, black sky. The owl appears to him one last time, revealing himself as part of the Wind Fish's spirit and the guardian of the dream world. He congratulates Link for defeating the Nightmares and his courage in overcoming them. The owl flies away and the Wind Fish appears to Link, and confirms that they are in a dream world. Link plays the Ballad of the Wind Fish a last time, causing him and the Wind Fish to wake up, and the entire Koholint Island to vanish. The dream ends with Link being taken outside by an upward stream of water.

Link wakes up in the middle of the sea, holding on driftwood from the shipwreck. Link hears the Wind Fish's wail and smiles as he watches the Wind Fish slowly moving overhead in the skies. Link's adventure ends with him sitting on driftwood and gazing at the sky.

The game has a perfect ending if Link does not lose a life. After the end credits, a short scene shows Marin, with new wings, flying around the "The End" text. It is unknown if she managed to escape from the Wind Fish's dream, but the sound of a seagull is heard three times while she is on-screen, suggesting that her wish to become a seagull became true.


Playable character[edit]

Sprite Name Description
Link LA sprite.png Link Link is the main protagonist, and he goes on an adventure to awaken the Wind Fish.

Supporting characters[edit]

Sprite Name Description
BowWow LA sprite.png BowWow
Flying Rooster LA sprite.png Flying Rooster
Marin LA sprite.png Marin
Owl LA sprite.png Owl
Tarin LA sprite.png Tarin
Wind Fish LA sprite.png Wind Fish

Other characters[edit]

Sprite Name Description
Bear Cub One of the animals who listens to Marin singing in Animal Village.
Christine LA sprite.png Christine A goat from Animal Village and pen pal of Mr. Write.
Bear LA sprite.png Chef Bear An Animal Village resident and chef, who gives Link a pineapple for a honeycomb.
CiaoCiao LA sprite.png CiaoCiao A Mini Bow-Wow with an obsession for jewelry.
Crazy Tracy LA sprite.png Crazy Tracy A reclusive woman who makes secret medicine.
Great Fairy LA sprite.png Faerie Queen Life-restoring large faeries who live in springs.
Fisherman LA sprite.png Fisherman Runs a fishing minigame in Mabe Village, and either he or an identical character fishes up the Mermaid's belonging after being given a fishing hook.
Ghost LA sprite.png Ghost A spirit who wishes to return to his old house one last time before moving on.
Grandma Yahoo LA sprite.png Grandma Ulrira The sweeping-obsessed wife of old man Ulrira.
Goriya LA sprite.png Goriya A reclusive friendly monster who lives on Toronbo Shores and lends Link his Boomerang.
Cucco keeper LA sprite.png Henhouse Keeper A man who lives in Tal Tal Heights and wishes to see the Flying Rooster.
Hippo LA sprite.png Hippo Model A female hippo of Animal Village who is posing for Schule's painting.
Kiki LA sprite.png Kiki A monkey who will help build a bridge for Link if given bananas.
Madam MeowMeow LA sprite.png Madam MeowMeow A BowWow-owning woman in Mabe Village.
Mamu LA sprite.png Mamu The leader of a popular frog band who teach Link the Frog's Song of Soul.
Manbo LA sprite.png Manbo A large, young Sun Fish who teaches Link Manbo's Mambo.
Martha LA sprite.png Mermaid A mermaid who has lost her necklace (or swimsuit top in the Japanese, French and German versions) and gives Link one of her scales if he returns it.
Mr Write LA sprite.png Mr. Write A letter-writing enthusiast who becomes pen pals with Christine.
Old Man Ulrira LA sprite.png Old Man Ulrira An old man who gives Link hints via telephone.
Papahl LA sprite.png Papahl The father of at least five children in Mabe Village, who gets lost in Tal Tal Heights.
Quadruplet LA sprite.png Quadruplets Four (or five) children who live in Mabe Village and give Link advice they are too young to understand.
Mamasha LA sprite.png Quadruplets' mother A mother of at least five children in Mabe Village.
Raccoon LA sprite.png Raccoon A character who causes Link to get lost in the Mysterious Forest. He is later revealed to be Tarin under a spell.
Richard LA sprite.png Richard The owner of Kanalet Castle who was evicted by his servants.
Sale LA sprite.png Sale A banana-selling crocodile who loves canned food.
Schule Donavitch LA sprite.png Schule Donavitch An artist crocodile who made the mermaid statue.
Shopkeeper LA sprite.png Shopkeeper The owner of the Town Tool Shop, who kills Link with magic if he steals anything and then returns.
Toucan One of the animals who listens to Marin singing in Animal Village.
Trendy Gamester LA sprite.png Trendy Gamester The owner of the Trendy Game. An identical character operates Rapids Ride.
Walrus LA sprite.png Walrus A sleepy resident of Animal Village who can block paths with his girth.
Witch LA sprite.png Witch A potion-brewer who can make Magic Powder from the Sleepy Toadstool.


Sprite Name
Chicken LA sprite.png Chicken
Mini Bow-Wow
Dog LA sprite.png Mutt
Rabbit LA sprite.png Rabbit


Sprite Name Description
Angler Fry LA sprite.png Angler Fry Assists the Angler Fish in battle by swimming at Link.
Anti-Kirby LA sprite.png Anti-Kirby Attempts to inhale Link. Found in Eagle's Tower.
Arm-Mimic LA sprite.png Arm-Mimic Copies Link's movements and deals a fairly large amount of damage.
Armos Statue LA sprite.png Armos Statue Starts moving when Link touches it. Found outside the southern Face Shrine.
Beetle LA sprite.png Beetle Endlessly spawn from a single hole in Ukuku Prairie, after which they simply walk around.
Bloober LA sprite.png Bloober Swim after Link in side-scrolling areas in a bobbing pattern.
Bomber LA sprite.png Bomber Fly around and drop bombs with a large blast radius.
Bombite LA sprite.png Bombite After being hit, they will either ricochet around or follow Link, after which they will explode. Found in Key Cavern.
Boo Buddy LA sprite.png Boo Follow Link invincibly in dark rooms, but will flee vulnerably when the room is brightened. Found in Bottle Grotto.
Buzz Blob LA sprite.png Buzz Blob Zaps Link if attacked with a sword, unless stunned. Using Magic Powder on one turns it into a cukeman.
Cheep-Sheep LA sprite.png Cheep-Sheep Swims back-and-forth or up-and-down in a simple pattern in side-scrolling areas.
Crow LA sprite.png Crow Takes off and swoops down at Link. One at Kanalet Castle instead attempts to flee with a Golden Leaf.
Cukeman LA sprite.png Cukeman Says various non sequiturs to Link if spoken to; is created by sprinkling Magic Powder on a Buzz Blob, which it otherwise acts like.
Firebat LA sprite.png Firebat Swoops after Link after being spawned by the Shadow of Ganon.
Fish LA sprite.png Fish Swims around Goponga Swamp with its dorsal fin visible, leaping when Link gets close.
Flying Octorok LA sprite.png Flying Octorok Acts like a normal Octorok, but uses its wings to avoid his attacks by jumping away.
Zol LA sprite.png Gel (big) Can appear on the field, in which case a weak attack will split it into two small Gels, or can appear from the ground, falling from the ceiling, or within chests, in which case one hit will immediately defeat them.
Gel LA sprite.png Gel (small) Parasitically attaches to Link, slowing him. Can be found simply on the field or by hitting certain large Gels with weak weapons.
Ghini LA sprite.png Ghini Flies around the cemetary erratically after Link. Extra will spawn if he touches the gravestones.
Giant Ghini LA sprite.png Giant Ghini Spawns from one of the gravestones in the cemetary, and takes more hits than a normal Ghini, but releases a faerie when defeated.
Gibdo LA sprite.png Gibdo Does not flinch after Link hits it. Burning it reveals a Stalfos. Found in Eagle's Tower.
Giant Goponga Flower LA sprite.png Giant Goponga Flower A large, resilient swamp flower that can shoot fireballs.
Goomba LA sprite.png Goomba A simple enemy most often found in side-scrolling areas. Squishing it gives Link a heart.
Goponga Flower LA sprite.png Goponga Flower A swamp flower resilient to most attacks. Native to Goponga Swamp.
Hardhat Beetle LA sprite.png Hardhat Beetle Bumps Link around, and cannot be defeated with most weapons, unless bumped into a pit.
Iron Mask LA sprite.png Iron Mask Wander around with a mask negating damage, though it can be removed with the Hook Shot.
Keese LA sprite.png Keese Bats that fly around erratically, attempting to hit Link.
Knight LA sprite.png Knight The strongest enemy in Kanalet Castle, wielding a flail.
Leever LA sprite.png Leever Burrow and spin around in sandy areas after Link.
Like Like LA sprite.png Like Like Attempt to eat Link's shield, but cannot eat the Mirror Shield.
Mad Bomber LA sprite.png Mad Bomber A specific Soldier that hides in pits and throws bombs at Link, and carries a Golden Leaf.
Mask-Mimic LA sprite.png Mask-Mimic Masked creatures that mirror Link's movements. Their masks negate damage from the sword.
Mini Moldorm LA sprite.png Mini Moldorm Crawl around in erratic looping patterns, often bumping into walls.
Moblin LA sprite.png Moblin Wander around slowly and throw spears. Found in the Mysterious Forest and Moblin Cave. They also steal BowWow from Madam MeowMeow.
Monkey LA sprite.png Monkey Throws coconuts at Link from a tree on Toronbo Shores. It can be knocked out with the Pegasus Boots.
Octorok LA sprite.png Octorok Wander around slowly and spit rocks.
Pairodd LA sprite.png Pairodd Appear in pairs and warp around while shooting projectiles whenever Link approaches. Found in Key Cavern.
Peahat LA sprite.png Peahat Flies around and lands with its flower propeller. While airborne, it is invincible.
Pig Warrior LA sprite.png Pig Warrior armored LA sprite.png Pig Warrior Acts exactly like the related Moblins, but appears in mountainous and riverside regions.
Pincer LA sprite.png Pincer Lunges at Link when he approaches their holes.
Piranha Plant LA sprite.png Piranha Plant Pops up from columns in side-scrolling areas.
Pokey LA sprite.png Pokey Wanders around Yarna Desert. The lower segments must be dealt with first.
Pols Voice LA sprite.png Pols Voice Jumps around simply, but can only be defeated with specific things, like thrown bottles.
Raven LA sprite.png Raven Acts like crows, but are stronger and tougher. Appear outside of Turtle Rock.
Rope enemy LA sprite.png Rope Charge at Link while on the same x- or y-coordinate as them. Appear in Turtle Rock.
Sand Crab LA sprite.png Sand Crab Move slowly up or down, but very fast to the side. Appear on Toronbo Shores.
Sea Urchin LA sprite.png Sea Urchin Sits in place. It can be pushed with the shield and defeated with most other items.
Shrouded Stalfos LA sprite.png Shrouded Stalfos Acts exactly like a Moblin, but is found in dungeons and the western mountains.
Soldier LA sprite.png Soldier armor LA sprite.png Soldier Acts the same as Moblins, but are found in Kanalet Castle and are much stronger. They were formerly Richard's servants.
Spark LA sprite.png Spark Travels along the sides of blocks and walls, and is impervious to most weapons.
Spiked Beetle LA sprite.png Spiked Beetle Charges at Link when they see him, but can be flipped onto their backsides with the shield, leaving them helpless and vulnerable.
Spiny Beetle LA sprite.png Spiny Beetle Hides under grass, rocks, or skulls, and runs into Link if he approaches.
Stalfos LA sprite.png Stalfos Leap away when Link tries to attack with his sword. Additionally, some will attempt to stomp him and some will retaliate with a thrown bone.
Star LA sprite.png Star Slide diagonally along dungeons floors extremely fast while spinning slowly.
Sword Moblin LA sprite.png Sword Moblin Charge at Link when he approaches, and can parry his sword blows. Found in the same places as normal Moblins.
Sword Stalfos LA sprite.png Sword Stalfos Act exactly like sword Moblins, but found in dungeons.
Tektite LA sprite.png Tektite Leap around the screen. Found around the eastern side of Tal Tal Heights.
Three-of-a-Kind LA sprite.png Three-of-a-Kind Can only be defeated when all three are stopped on the same symbol.
Vacuum Mouth LA sprite.png Vacuum Mouth Attempts to suck Link inside of it or blow him away while it flashes. If he is sucked inside, he will be returned to the dungeon entrance.
Water Tektite LA sprite.png Water Tektite Glides across the surface of the water.
Vire LA sprite.png Winged Demon Swoops down at Link and shoots fireballs. When defeated, it splits into two skull-headed Keese. Appears in Turtle Rock.
Wizzrobe LA sprite.png Wizzrobe Appears and disappears within its hat while shooting magic, and is immune to sword attacks. Appears in Eagle's Tower.
Zola LA sprite.png Zola Appears from under the water to shoot a fireball at Link.
Zombie LA sprite.png Zombie Digs from under the ground in endless amounts near the graveyard.

Traps and obstacles[edit]

Sprite Name Description
Anti-Faery LA sprite.png Anti-Faerie Flies around the room diagonally to hit Link. They burn when touched by Magic Powder
Blade Trap LA sprite.png Blade Trap Charges at Link when he crosses its x- or y-axis.
Boulder LA sprite.png Boulder Falls from above the mountains on the western side of Tal Tal Heights.
Eye Guard LA sprite.png Eye Guard Shoots fireballs at Link from its eye, looking like the various harmless Rocklops statues.
Face Lamp LA sprite.png Face Lamp Shoots fireballs at Link, looking like the various harmless torches.
Flame Fountain LA sprite.png Flame Fountain Shoots an endless stream of flames, preventing Link from accessing Turtle Rock without the Mirror Shield.
Flying Tile LA sprite.png Flying Tile Flies up one-by-one in large groups from the floor before flinging themselves at Link.
Giant Bubble LA sprite.png Giant Bubble Acts like a normal Anti-Faerie, but appears only in side-scrolling areas, and is much larger.
Laser LA sprite.png Laser An obstacle with a slowly-rotating eye. It shoots a beam at Link if it spots him.
Lava Hurts Link if he falls in, and forces him to reset to where he fell in from. Appears in Turtle Rock.
Mega Thwomp LA sprite.png Mega Thwomp Must be knocked down with the Pegasus Boots by hitting its side, and then can be used as a platform.
Podoboo LA sprite.png Podoboo Jumps out of lava in side-scrolling areas in Turtle Rock.
Quicksand Appears in Yarna Desert, and pulls Link around, potentially into holes.
Spiked Thwomp LA sprite.png Spiked Thwomp Attempts to fall on Link when he approaches, though their spikeless heads can be jumped upon.
Stone Elevator LA sprite.png Stone Elevator Does not lower unless the weight put upon them is significantly higher than Link's own, necessitating a held bottle. Appears in Bottle Grotto.
Thwomp LA sprite.png Thwomp Attempts to fall on Link in he approaches. They are very fast and appear in groups.


The Guardians act as the game's minibosses.

Sprite Name Description
Rolling Bones LA sprite.png Rolling Bones
King Moblin LA sprite.png King Moblin
Hinox LA sprite.png Hinox
Dodongo Snake LA sprite.png
Dodongo Snake LA sprite.png
Dodongo Snakes
Desert Lanmola LA sprite.png Desert Lanmola
Cue Ball LA sprite.png Cue Ball
Master Stalfos LA sprite.png Master Stalfos
Gohma LA sprite.png
Gohma LA sprite.png
Armos Knight LA sprite.png Armos Knight
Smasher LA sprite.png Smasher
Battle Bat LA sprite.png Battle Bat LA sprite.png
Battle Bat LA sprite.png Grim Creeper LA sprite.png Battle Bat LA sprite.png
Battle Bat LA sprite.png Battle Bat LA sprite.png
Grim Creeper and the Big Keese
Turtle Rock mini-boss LA sprite.png Turtle Rock
Blaino LA sprite.png Blaino


Nine Nightmares are the game's main bosses.

Sprite Name Description
Moldorm LA sprite.png Moldorm
Genie LA sprite.png Genie
Slime Eye LA sprite.png Slime Eye
Angler Fish LA sprite.png Angler Fish
Slime Eel LA sprite.png Slime Eel
Facade LA sprite.png Facade
Evil Eagle LA sprite.png Evil Eagle
Hot Head LA sprite.png Hot Head


The final Nightmare is a sequential fight against Shadows, who take a variety of forms, most of them based on foes fought by Link in the game and the previous title, A Link to the Past.

Sprite Name Description
Giant Zol shadow LA sprite.png Giant Gel
Agahnim shadow LA sprite.png Agahnim's Shadow
Moldorm shadow LA sprite.png Moldorm's Shadow
Ganon shadow LA sprite.png Shadow of Ganon
Lanmola shadow LA sprite.png Lanmola
DethI LA sprite.png DethI


Sprite Name Description
Compass LA sprite.png Compass
Dungeon Map LA sprite.png Dungeon Map
Fairy LA sprite.png Faerie
Flippers LA sprite.png Flippers
Golden Leaf LA sprite.png Golden Leaf
Guardian Acorn LA sprite.png Guardian Acorn
Heart LA sprite.png Heart
Heart Container LA sprite.png Heart Container
Magnifying Lens LA sprite.png Magnifying Lens
Piece of Heart LA sprite.png Piece of Heart
Piece of Power LA sprite.png Piece of Power
Rupee LA sprite.png Rupee
Secret Medicine LA sprite.png Secret medicine
Secret Seashell LA sprite.png Secret Seashell
Stone Slab LA sprite.png Stone slab fragment


The equipment consists of items that the player can equip to the A Button or B Button buttons for Link to use.

Sprite Name Description
Bomb LA sprite.png Bomb
Boomerang LA sprite.png Boomerang
Bow LA sprite.png Bow and Arrows
Hookshot LA sprite.png Hook Shot
Magic Powder LA sprite.png Magic Powder
Magic Rod LA sprite.png Magic Rod
Ocarina LA sprite.png Ocarina
Pegasus Boots LA sprite.png Pegasus Boots
Power Bracelet LA sprite.png Power Bracelet (Powerful Bracelet)
Roc's Feather LA sprite.png Roc's Feather
Shield LA sprite.png Shield (Mirror Shield)
Sword LA sprite.png Sword (Level 2 Sword)
Toadstool LA sprite.png Toadstool


Sprite Name Description
Small Key LA sprite.png Small Key
Nightmare Key LA sprite.png Nightmare Key
Tail Key LA sprite.png Tail Key
Slime Key LA sprite.png Slime Key
Angler Key LA sprite.png Angler Key
Face Key LA sprite.png Face Key
Bird Key LA sprite.png Bird Key

Instruments of the Sirens[edit]

There are eight Instruments of the Sirens, each one located in a dungeon. Link must obtain all eight in order to awaken the Wind Fish.

Sprite Name Description
Full Moon Cello LA sprite.png Full Moon Cello
Conch Horn LA sprite.png Conch Horn
Sea Lily's Bell LA sprite.png Sea Lily's Bell
Surf Harp LA sprite.png Surf Harp
Wind Marimba LA sprite.png Wind Marimba
Coral Triangle LA sprite.png Coral Triangle
Organ of Evening Calm LA sprite.png Organ of Evening Calm
Thunder Drum LA sprite.png Thunder Drum

Trading sequence[edit]

Sprite Name Description
Yoshi doll LA sprite.png Yoshi Doll
Ribbon LA sprite.png Ribbon
Canned food LA sprite.png Canned food
Bananas LA sprite.png Bananas
Stick LA sprite.png Stick
Honeycomb LA sprite.png Honeycomb
Pineapple LA sprite.png Pineapple
Hibiscus LA sprite.png Hibiscus
Letter LA sprite.png Goat's letter
Broom LA sprite.png Broom
Fishing hook LA sprite.png Fishing hook
Necklace LA sprite.png
Bra LA sprite.png
Necklace (English)
Pink Brassiere (Japanese, French and German)
Scale LA sprite.png Scale



All of the locations take place in Koholint Island, which is divided into numerous regions and a few towns:

Minor locations[edit]

There are minor locations that appear within one of the greater regions or towns.


Name Main item Mini-boss(es) Boss Description
Level 1-- Tail Cave Roc's Feather Spike Roller Moldorm A dungeon located in the hills north of Toronbo Shores. It topographically looks like a Moldorm. The Tail Cave's entrance can be unlocked with the Tail Key.
Level 2-- Bottle Grotto Power Bracelet Hinox Genie Bottle Grotto is a jar-shaped dungeon located in Goponga Swamp, and is filled with many pots. Link can access the dungeon if he has BowWow eat every Goponga Flower blocking the entrance.
Level 3-- Key Cavern Pegasus Boots Two Dodongo Snakes Slimy Eyes A two-floor dungeon found near the Pothole Maze in Ukuku Prairie. Both floors have a layout in the shape of a key, hence its name. Link needs the Slime Key to enter the Key Cavern.
Level 4-- Angler's Tunnel Flippers Cue Ball Angler Fish A water-filled cave located at the base of Tal Tal Heights. From a bird's-eye view, the outside resembles an anchor or a fishing hook. Link needs the Angler Key to enter the Key Cavern.
Level 5-- Catfish's Maw Hook Shot Master Stalfos, two Gohmas Slime Eel An underwater-themed dungeon that takes place within a large catfish-like statue in the center of Martha's Bay. It can be accessed once Link takes the wandering ghost back to its home and then later using his Flippers to take an underwater path to Catfish's Maw.
Level 6-- Face Shrine Powerful Bracelet Dodongo Snakes, Smasher Face Mat A ruin to the north of Animal Village. The entrance to Face Shrine is north of the Ancient Ruins, where Link must first go to learn about the legend of the Wind Fish. The Hook Shot and Face Key are required to enter the Face Shrine.
Level 7-- Eagle's Tower Mirror Shield Hinox, Grim Creeper Evil Eagle A large, four-story tower nestled within the eastern heights of the Tal Tal Mountain Range. It can be unlocked with the Bird Key.
Level 8-- Turtle Rock Magic Rod Cue Ball, Rolling Bones, Dodongo Snakes, Hinox, Smasher, Blaino Hot Head A lava-filled lair in the cliffside of the western Tal Tal Mountain Range. It is built within the remains of a giant turtle which has become petrified within the rock of the mountainside. To access the dungeon, Link must play the Frog's Song of Soul to bring the turtle's head to life and then defeat it.
Wind Fish's Egg N/A N/A Shadows (Giant Gel, Agahnim, Moldorm, Ganon, Lanmola, DethI) A large egg which is the main landmark of Koholint Island. It is the final area that Link accesses. The Wind Fish's Egg is where the Wind Fish is sleeping. To crack open an entrance into the Wind Fish's Egg, Link must have all eight Instruments of the Sirens and play the Ballad of the Wind Fish.



Goombas are one of many Super Mario enemies with a cameo appearance.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is notable for featuring many cameos of characters from other Nintendo games, most of which are from the Mario franchise. Several enemies reappear from the Super Mario series, most of whom previously appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3.

Character Description Origin
Anti-Kirby Although an enemy, Anti-Kirby is directly based on Kirby, the main protagonist of Kirby's Dream Land. Since the release of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Kirby has starred in many more games released in the Kirby series. Kirby (Kirby franchise)
Bloober Bloobers are an enemy from the Super Mario series. They previously appeared in Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3. Blooper (Super Mario series)
Bombite Bombites are based on Bob-ombs, enemies who previously appeared in three Super Mario games: Super Mario Bros. 2 (previously released as a non-Mario game in Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic in Japan), Super Mario Bros. 3, and Super Mario World. Bob-omb (Super Mario series)
Boo Boos are an enemy from the Super Mario series. They previously appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. Boo (Super Mario series)
BowWow and Mini Bow-Wows Madam MeowMeow's BowWow and Mini Bow-Wows (ChowChow and CiaoCiao) are the same species as Chain Chomps, who previously appeared as enemies in Super Mario Bros. 3 and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. They are friendly pups unlike most other ones, who do not appear as enemies in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. Chain Chomp (Super Mario series)
Cheep-Sheep Cheep-Sheep are the same enemy as Cheep Cheeps from the Super Mario series. They previously appeared in Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, and Super Mario World. Cheep-Sheep are called Cheep Cheeps in the Nintendo Switch remake. Cheep Cheep (Super Mario series)
Christine Although Christine is a goat, she sends a photograph of Princess Toadstool to her pen pal, Mr. Write, who believes it is her actual appearance. Princess Toadstool (Mario franchise)
Goomba Goombas are an enemy from the Super Mario series. They previously appeared in Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, and Super Mario Bros. 2: 6 Golden Coins. Goomba (Super Mario series)
Henhouse Keeper The Henhouse Keeper resembles Luigi, the brother of Mario. Luigi (Mario franchise)
Mamu Mamu previously appeared as the final boss and main antagonist of Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic, later converted into the second overseas Super Mario installment, Super Mario Bros. 2. Known as Wart in other countries, Mamu keeps his Japanese name in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. Wart (Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic / Super Mario Bros. 2)
Mask-Mimic Mask-Mimics are the same enemy as Shy Guys from the Super Mario series. They previously appeared in Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic / Super Mario Bros. 2. Mask-Mimics are called Shy Guys in the Nintendo Switch remake. Shy Guy (Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic / Super Mario Bros. 2)
Mega Thwomp and Spiked Thwomp Mega Thwomp and Spiked Thwomps are based on Thwomps from the Super Mario series, enemies who previously appeared in two games: Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World. Thwomp (Super Mario series)
Mr. Write His appearance and name is based on Dr. Wright, the personal adviser of the player in the Super Nintendo release of SimCity. Dr. Wright (SimCity SNES)
Piranha Plant Piranha Plants are an enemy from the Super Mario series. They previously appeared in Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, and Super Mario World. Piranha Plant (Super Mario series)
Podoboo Podoboos are an obstacle from the Super Mario series. They previously appeared in Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, and Super Mario World. Podoboo (Super Mario series)
Pokey Pokeys are an enemy from the Super Mario series. They previously appeared in Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario World. Pokey (Super Mario series)
Richard Richard originally appeared in Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru, where he is the rival and childhood friend of the Prince of Sablé. Richard (Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru)
Sea Urchin Sea Urchins directly resemble Gordo, a spiked enemy in Kirby's Dream Land, as well as the original in-game appearance of Unibō, a similar enemy from Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. Gordo (Kirby's Dream Land)
Unibō (Super Mario series)
Spiked Beetle Spiked Beetles are the same enemy as Spinies from the Super Mario series. They previously appeared in Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, and Super Mario World. Spiked Beetles are called Spinies in the Nintendo Switch remake. Spiny (Super Mario series)
Tarin Tarin has a distinct resemblance to Mario, the titular character of the Mario franchise. Early in his adventure, Link encounters a raccoon, who is later revealed to be Tarin; the cause of his transformation is suggested to be from a toadstool that he ate. The raccoon form likely references the Tanooki Suit power-up from Super Mario Bros. 3. Mario (Mario franchise)
Thwomp Thwomps are technically the same enemy as Thwimps from the Super Mario series, having specifically appeared in Super Mario World. Thwimp (Super Mario series)
Yoshi Doll As its name directly states, the Yoshi Doll is of Yoshi, who first appeared in Super Mario World as Mario and Luigi's dinosaur sidekick. Yoshi (Mario franchise)


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゼルダの伝説 夢をみる島
Zeruda no Densetsu Yume o Miru Shima
The Legend of Zelda: The Dreaming Island


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