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TP Fyrus art.jpg
First appearance The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (2006)
Latest appearance The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (2016)
Species Goron
Other form(s) Darbus

Fyrus is the monstrous form taken by the Goron patriarch, Darbus, after touching a Fused Shadow. He is the second boss of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, being the boss of Goron Mines. Fyrus has a partially incorporeal lava-colored body and a metallic mask with three glowing eyes, the largest of which is his weak spot.

Darbus and the four Goron elders had gone into the mines to investigate the increasing eruptions of Death Mountain, but upon touching the Fused Shadow entrusted to them by the spirits of light, Darbus collapsed and turned into this massive creature, who began to rampage through the mines. The four elders imprisoned him in a room deep in the mines until they could figure out how to solve this problem, splitting the Big Key into three pieces.

When Link enters Fyrus's room, he finds him shackled in the middle, where he is slumped and non-ignited. Upon noticing Link, however, Fyrus lights up and breaks his restraints. He then begins following Link, attempting to crush him. To defeat Fyrus, Link must first use the Hero's Bow to shoot him in the orange crystal eye on the front of his helmet, causing him to stumble around the room blindly. At this point, Link needs to grab onto one of the chains trailing behind Fyrus and weigh himself down with the Iron Boots, causing the monster to trip and lose his fire. Link then needs to quickly remove the boots, run around to Fyrus's head, and attack him directly in the crystal eye. After a short period, Fyrus will get back up and reignite himself with a wide field of fire that will burn Link if he is caught within it.

After enough hits to the eye, Fyrus will collapse and melt into a black mass as some twilight square break off from it, forming into the Fused Shadow, which Midna procures. The black mass then slowly reverts back into Darbus, who has no memory of his time transformed, only a headache.

Names in other languages[edit]


Language Name Meaning
Japanese マグドフレイモス

Twilit Igniter: Fyrus[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 覚醒火炎獣 マグドフレイモス
Kakusei Kaen-jū Magudofureimosu
Awakened Flame Beast Magdoflamus