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The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords

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The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords is the ninth mainline entry in The Legend of Zelda series. The game was originally released for the Game Boy Advance on the compilation title, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past/Four Swords in 2002 in which it was included with a re-release of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. The game is notable for being the first mainline entry to have a multiplayer focus and no single player option, and allows for up to four players to simultaneously play the game by using the Game Boy Advance Link Cable.

In 2011, the game received a remake as a DSiWare title, The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition. Its most notable difference is the inclusion of a single player option.


Many years before the game's plot, the evil wind mage Vaati terrorized the land of Hyrule, but was sealed within the Four Sword. In the present, Link and Princess Zelda travel to the Chamber of the Four Sword to check on the seal, but an already-escaped Vaati kidnaps the princess. Link draws the Four Sword, splitting him into multiple copies of himself, and are led by a trio of fairies to seek out the three Great Fairies for the keys to Vaati's Palace, where they must defeat him.


Sprite Name Description
FS Link green.png FS Link red.png FS Link blue.png FS Link purple.png Links
FS Zelda.png Princess Zelda
FS Stray Fairy green.png FS Stray Fairy red.png FS Stray Fairy blue.png FS Stray Fairy purpink.png FS Stray Fairy yellow.png Stray Fairies
Great Fairies

Enemies and minibosses[edit]

Sprite Name Description
FS Armos.png FS Armos inactive.png Armos
FS Bomb Soldier active.png Bomb Soldier
FS Bubbling Lava.png FS Bubbling Lava small.png Bubbling Lava
FS Bulbul.png Bulbul
FS Darknut.png Darknut
FS Fin Piranha.png Fin Piranha
FS Gel.png Gel
FS Ghini.png Ghini
FS Gibdo.png Gibdo
FS Hadie bush.png FS Hadie exposed.png Hadie
FS Hikkun.png Hikkun
FS Hiproop masked.png FS Hiproop unmasked.png Hiproop
FS Igor.png Igor
FS Iron Ball Soldier.png Iron Ball Soldier
FS Keese.png Keese
FS Moblin bow.png FS Moblin spear.png Moblin
FS Nokken.png Nokken
FS Octorok.png Octorok
FS Pseudo Rupee green.png FS Pseudo Rupee blue.png FS Pseudo Rupee red.png Pseudo Rupee
FS Rope.png Roope
Rupee Wraith
FS Stalfos.png Stalfos
FS Tail.png Tail
FS Tektite.png Tektite
FS Togezo.png Togezo
FS Wisp red.png FS Wisp blue.png Wisp
FS Wizrobe.png Wizrobe
FS Wizrobe fire.png Wizrobe, Fire
FS Wizrobe ice.png Wizrobe, Ice
FS Zol.png Zol


Sprite Name Description
FS Blazing Watch Tower.png Blazing Watch Tower
FS Bombarossa.png Bombarossa
FS Chaser.png Chaser
FS Flying Floor Tile.png Flying Floor
FS Trap blue.png FS Trap.png FS Trap green.png Trap


Sprite Name Location Description
FS Manhandla.png Manhandla Sea of Trees
FS Dera Zol 1.png FS Dera Zol 2.png FS Dera Zol 3.png Dera Zol Talus Caves
FS Goen 1.png FS Goen 2.png FS Goen 3.png Gōen Death Mountain
FS Vaati statue.png FS Vaati.png Vaati Vaati's Palace


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