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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons
Zelda Oracle of Seasons box art.jpg
The North American front box art
Developer(s) Capcom, Flagship
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date Game Boy Color:
Japan February 27, 2001
USA May 14, 2001[1]
Europe 2001
Australia 2001
3DS Virtual Console:
Japan February 27, 2013
USA May 30, 2013
Europe May 30, 2013
Australia May 30, 2013
South Korea April 20, 2016
Genre(s) Action-adventure
Rating(s) Game Boy Color:
ESRB:ESRB E.svg - Everyone
ACB:OFLC Australia Rating - G8.png - Eight years and older
3DS Virtual Console:
ESRB:ESRB E.svg - Everyone
PEGI:PEGI 7.svg - Seven years and older
CERO:CERO A.png - All ages
ACB:ACB PG.svg - Parental guidance
Console(s) Game Boy Color, Virtual Console (3DS)
Mode(s) Single player

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons is a The Legend of Zelda game for the Game Boy Color. It was developed by Capcom and Flagship. The game was released in tandem with The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages in 2001. The Oracle games make up the seventh and eighth installments of The Legend of Zelda series, and both are the first games of the main series that were not developed by Nintendo.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons is named after the Din, whose title is the Oracle of Seasons. The game takes place in Holodrum, where Link is sent to rescue Din from Onox, the self-proclaimed General of Darkness. The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons is more action-focused than The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, which is more puzzle-oriented. The Oracle games are the last Game Boy Color games that Nintendo was directly involved with because of the Game Boy Advance's impending release at the time. Both games have unique features when played on a Game Boy Advance.

Both games can be interconnected through the Link System; after completing either game, the player can transfer their progress to the other game by either entering a password or by using a Game Boy Color-compatible Game Link cable. This is the only way for the player to achieve the true ending in each game.

In 2013, the Oracle games were released for the Nintendo 3DS's Virtual Console simultaneously.


In the opening, Link travels on the back of Epona to a castle (most likely Hyrule Castle) where the Triforce is held. The Spirit of the Triforce tells Link the world is in need of his heroics, and teleports him away. He lands in Holodrum, where he is knocked out by the fall but nursed back to health by Din, a dancer from a troupe of performers. However, she is actually the Oracle of Seasons in hiding from the evil general Onox, who swoops in at that moment to kidnap her. He imprisons her in a crystal, causing the Temple of Seasons to collapse, and causing the seasons across Holodrum to fall into disarray, causing damage to the natural order.

Link visits the Maku Tree for advice, but finds that with nature messed up, the tree has withered into a frail, forgetful state. Link is tasked with finding the eight Essences of Nature to restore his power. Along the way, he finds a dark parallel world called Subrosia, where the remains of the Temple of Seasons are. Inside, he gains the Rod of Seasons. Over the course of the game, he must return to imbue the rod with the power of each of the four seasons, allowing Link to use the rod to switch the region's current season.

After several essences have been gathered, the Gerudo witch pair Twinrova reveal themselves to be behind Onox's plot, hoping to sow destruction as part of a ritual. Eventually, Link restores the Maku Tree, who gives him a Huge Maku Seed that allows Link to enter Onox's Castle and fight the general head-on. After defeating him and freeing Din, the seasons are restored. However, Onox successfully managed to light Twinrova's Flame of Destruction.

In a Linked Game, Princess Zelda arrives midway through, and ends up kidnapped by Twinrova while she rallies the people of Horon Village. Link must travel to the Room of Rites where they have taken her as a sacrifice to revive Ganon. After defeating Twinrova, they sacrifice themselves instead, causing Ganon to resurrect as a mindless beast. Upon defeating him, the dungeon begins to collapse, and Link and Zelda are rescued by the Maku Tree's power. After a celebration, Link sets off in a boat to parts unknown, potentially setting up for the plot of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.


Playable character[edit]

Sprite Name Description
Link OoS-OoA sprite.png Link The hero of the Essences of Time and Nature.

Supporting characters[edit]

Sprite Name Ages? Description
Din OoS-OoA sprite.png Din crystal OoA sprite.png Din Check mark.png2 The Oracle of Seasons, an exotic dancer who is kidnapped and imprisoned by Onox.
Dimitri OoS-OoA sprite.png Dimitri Check mark.png A friendly Dodongo who is one of Link's animal friends. He is an excellent swimmer (even going up waterfalls) and can eat a majority of enemies, but cannot jump at all.
Fairy Queen OoA sprite.png Great Fairy OoS-OoA sprite.png Great Fairy Check mark.png Large fairies that can heal all of Link's life energy when found.
Impa OoS-OoA sprite.png Impa Check mark.png Zelda's attendant, Impa is among the troupe of performers attempting to sneak Din to safety in the beginning. She is injured during Onox's attack, and as such mostly gives advice throughout the game at Impa's Refuge.
OoS Maku Tree small.pngMaku Tree OoS sprite.png
OoS Maku Tree big.png
Maku Tree X mark.png An ancient tree that is the guardian of Holodrum. Due to a combination of his age and the missing Essences of Nature, he is now sleepy, weak, and forgetful.
Moosh OoS-OoA sprite.png Moosh Check mark.png A flying bear who is one of Link's animal friends. He can fly for a prolonged period, but his only attack is an ungainly charging downward pound with a short area of effect and he drops and sinks immediately if he flies over water.
Nayru OoS-OoA sprite.png Nayru1 Check mark.png The Oracle of Ages, Nayru appears to open the path to the Room of Rites alongside Din in a Linked Game.
Princess Zelda OoS-OoA sprite.png Princess Zelda1 Check mark.png2 The princess of Hyrule, Zelda travels to Holodrum in a linked game to help boost morale. She ends up kidnapped by Twinrova near the end.
Ricky OoS-OoA sprite.png Ricky Check mark.png A boxing kangaroo who is one of Link's animal friends. He is quick, can jump up walls and across short gaps, and has a long-range charging attack, but he cannot move across water and he is restricted to linear movements with his jumps.
Koume OoS-OoA sprite.png OoX Twinrova cloaked.png Kotake OoS-OoA sprite.png Twinrova Check mark.png The true villains of the game, individually named Koume and Kotake, Twinrova use Onox as part of their evil plan to revive Ganon.

1 - Only appears in the linked game
2 - Only appears in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages's linked game

Other characters[edit]

Sprite Name Ages? Description
Biggoron OoS sprite.png Biggoron X mark.png A huge Goron that lives at Goron Mountain. Due to his size, he cannot fit inside the caves, and has fallen ill from the extra-cold winter.
Biologist OoS sprite.png Biologist X mark.png A researcher in Horon Village that tells Link of various creatures across the land.
Bipin OoS-OoA sprite.png Bipin Check mark.png An arborist who tells Link tips about Gasha Trees.
OoX Bipsom baby Blossom.png OoX Bipsom baby sick.png
Bipin and Blossom's son OoS-OoA sprite.png OoX Bipsom child hyperactive.png OoX Bipsom child shy.png
OoX Bipsom adult arborist.png OoX Bipsom adult hero.png OoX Bipsom adult musician.png OoX Bipsom adult traveler.png
Bipsom Check mark.png The son of Bipin and Blossom, Link's choices throughout his development affect how he grows. In an unlinked game, he grows from a baby to a child, and in a linked game, from a kid to an adult.
Blaino OoS sprite.png Blaino X mark.png A boxing champion in North Horon, he won Ricky's Gloves in a bet and must be fought to take them back.
Blossom OoS-OoA sprite.png Blossom Check mark.png Bipsom's mother, who is usually shown caring for her son. Occasionally, she asks Link for advice.
Blue Snake OoS-OoA sprite.png Blue Snake Check mark.png One of Vasu's snakes. It can use a Game Link cable to send Magical Rings between two games. He cannot be spoken to in the 3DS Virtual Console port.
Business Scrub OoS-OoA sprite.png OoS Business Scrub summer.png OoS Business Scrub fall.png
OoS Business Scrub winter.png OoX Business Scrub underground.png
Business Scrub Check mark.png Deku Scrubs that sell wares in various areas.
Captain OoS-OoA sprite.png Cap'n Check mark.png The captain of the skeletal pirates who ended up in Subrosia. He refuses to leave until his bell is recovered, though this causes him to lose his sea legs.
Clockmaker OoS sprite.png Clockmaker X mark.png A tinkerer in Horon Village.
OoX Cucco.png Cucco Check mark.png Simple chickens that summon a swarm of invulnerable attacking chickens if attacked to much.
OoX Cucco chick.png Cucco Chick Check mark.png Baby chickens that follow Link around.
OoS Deku Scrub friendly.png Deku Scrub Check mark.png4 Music-loving plant-like beings found underground in certain areas.
OoS Piratian red.png OoS Piratian red skull.png Desert pirate X mark.png A pirate sent to find the Pirate's Bell in the Samasa Desert, he has been reduced to a skull by a sandstorm.
Dr Troy's pupil OoS sprite.png Dr. Troy's pupil3 X mark.png An apprentice of Dr. Troy of Labrynna, he can be found listening to the Phonograph Man in a linked game.
OoS farmer.png Farmer X mark.png A lady found tending her crops in Horon Village.
Farore OoS-OoA sprite.png Farore Check mark.png The Oracle of Secrets, she is prominent in a Linked Game as the character who transfers secrets between the two games.
Strange Brother blue OoS.png Fireworks Subrosian X mark.png A Subrosian who can be found throwing random garbage into a lava pit in an attempt to cause an eruption.
Flash OoS sprite.png Flash X mark.png A dog living in Horon Village.
OoS boy green.png Flash's owner X mark.png A boy who likes to play fetch with his dog.
Floodgate Keeper OoS sprite.png Floodgate Keeper X mark.png A man who controls the floodgates at Spool Swamp.
Blue Cucco OoS sprite.png Flying Cucco X mark.png Blue Cuccos capable of flight found at Mt. Cucco.
Ghini OoS-OoA sprite.png Green Ghini OoS sprite.png OoS Ghini blue.png Ghost Check mark.png4 Ghosts that appear to give and take secrets in a Linked Game or from Oracle of Ages's Linke Game.
Goron OoS-OoA sprite.png Graceful Goron past OoA sprite.png Goron Check mark.png A rock-eating people found at Goron Mountain.
Subrosian Smithy OoS sprite.png Great Furnace operator X mark.png A Subrosian who smelts Rare Ore at the Great Furnace.
OoS Great Moblin sad.png Great Moblin Check mark.png The bullying leader of the Pig Warriors, he ends up destitute after Link defeats him and is resigned to rebuilding his bomb supply with his remaining minions.
Holly OoS sprite.png Holly X mark.png A girl in the Woods of Winter who is confused when Link comes down her chimney.
Know-It-All Bird blue OoS-OoA sprite.png Homing pigeon3 Check mark.png A bird that tells Impa of Zelda's arrival in a Linked Game.
Subrosian green OoS-OoA sprite.png House of Pirates owner X mark.png A Subrosian who allowed the pirates to stay at his home, and now regrets that decision.
OoS boy red.png OoS boy orange.png OoS boy green.png OoS boy blue.png
Dr Troy's pupil OoS sprite.png OoS naughty boy red linked credits.png OoS tall man.png OoS bald man.png OoS old man villager.png
OoS girl.png OoS woman red.png OoS woman orange.png OoS woman blue.png OoS woman linked.png
Human Check mark.png The most common people of Holodrum.
Ingo OoS sprite.png Ingo X mark.png A crusty vase-collector living in Sunken City.
Know-It-All Bird green OoS-OoA sprite.pngKnow-It-All Bird blue OoS-OoA sprite.png
Know-It-All Bird orange OoS-OoA sprite.pngKnow-It-All Bird red OoS-OoA sprite.png
Know-It-All Birds Check mark.png A group of pigeons in Horon Village that give Link hints.
Malon OoS sprite.png Malon X mark.png A young girl who takes care of Cuccos in her home while her father Talon is away.
Mamamu Yan's mother OoS sprite.png Mamamu Yan's mother3 X mark.png A character found in the Floodgate Keeper's House in a Linked Game, she gives link a secret for her daughter in Labrynna.
Maple OoS-OoA sprite.png Maple Check mark.png A young apprentice witch who Link can collide with to cause both their items to scatter.
Master Diver OoS-OoA sprite.png Master Diver X mark.png An elderly diver living in a cave in Sunken City.
OoS Master Diver's son.png Master Diver's son X mark.png A young man in Sunken City trying to learn his father's secrets.
OoS Master Diver's wife.png Master Diver's wife X mark.png An old lady in Sunken City.
Mayor Ruul OoS sprite.png Mayor Ruul X mark.png The mayor of Horon Village, he is obsessed with Gasha Seeds.
Mittens OoS sprite.png Mittens X mark.png A cat who is stuck in a tree in North Horon.
Mittens' owner OoS sprite.png Mittens' owner X mark.png An old man in North Horon trying to get his cat from a tree.
Mrs Ruul OoS sprite.png Mrs. Ruul X mark.png A middle-aged woman living in Holodrum Plain.
Rupee Man OoS-OoA sprite.png Old man OoS sprite.png Old man Check mark.png Old men are found throughout Holodrum in hidden caves. Some give Rupees if found, but others take them. Others give hints or tasks.
OoX Owl Stone.png Owl Stone Check mark.png Statues of owls that give hints if sprinkled with a Mystery Seed.
Painter OoS sprite.png Painter X mark.png An artist in Horon Village.
Phonograph Man OoS sprite.png Phonograph Man X mark.png A man found playing music in the Eastern Suburbs.
Pig Warrior red OoS-OoA sprite.png Pig Warrior blue OoS-OoA sprite.png OoS Pig Warrior green.png Pig Warrior X mark.png Pig-like Moblins who can be found harassing various characters at certain points.
Piratian OoS-OoA sprite.png Pirate Check mark.png A group of skeletal sailors who have ended up in Subrosia.
Queen Ambi OoS-OoA sprite.png Queen Ambi3 Check mark.png The former queen of Labrynna and lover of the Cap'n, she appears in a Linked Game on a journey of self-discovery through time courtesy of Nayru.
Ralph OoA sprite.png Ralph3 Check mark.png A childhood friend of Nayru, he appears briefly in a Linked Game's ending.
Red Snake OoS-OoA sprite.png Red Snake Check mark.png One of Vasu's Snakes, he explains Magical Rings and allows them to be transferred between games via a secret.
Rosa OoS-OoA sprite.png OoS Rosa bowless.png Rosa Check mark.png4 A Subrosian pop star with a key that opens any lock.
OoS boy red.png Dr Troy's pupil OoS sprite.png OoS boy green.png Safety Patrol X mark.png Three young boys who attempt to keep peace at Sunken City.
Spirit of Spring OoS sprite.png Spirit of Summer OoS sprite.png
Spirit of Autumn OoS sprite.png Spirit of Winter OoS sprite.png
Season Spirits X mark.png The four spirits inhabiting the Temple of Seasons, they imbue their respective power into the Rod of Seasons.
Subrosian green OoS-OoA sprite.png Sign-Loving Subrosian X mark.png A Subrosian who collects signs and gets angry if Link destroys any.
Sokra OoS sprite.png Sokra X mark.png A wandering prophet and minstrel who appears at various points throughout the game.
Stockwell OoS-OoA sprite.png Stockwell Check mark.png A shopkeeper in Horon Village.
Strange Brother red OoS.png Strange Brother blue OoS.png Strange Brothers X mark.png A pair of Subrosians obsessed with humans' items.
Subrosian green OoS-OoA sprite.png Subrosian orange OoS sprite.png Strange Brother red OoS.png Strange Brother blue OoS.png
OoS Subrosian relaxing.png OoS Subrosian relaxing blue.png OoS Subrosian digger green.png OoS Subrosian digger blue.png
Subrosian Check mark.png4 A hooded, lava-loving people native to Subrosia.
Subrosian green OoS-OoA sprite.png Subrosian Chef X mark.png A maker of Lava Soup.
Strange Brother red OoS.png Subrosian Dance Hall instructor X mark.png The leader of the Subrosian Dance.
OoS Subrosian smith 1.png OoS Subrosian smith 2.png Subrosian smiths X mark.png A pair of blacksmiths in Subrosia that can improve Link's gear if he does not ask nicely.
Syrup OoS-OoA sprite.png Syrup Check mark.png A witch who sells Magic Potion and other items from her shop in Sunken City.
Talon OoS sprite.png Talon X mark.png A lazy man who fell asleep while climbing Mt. Cucco.
Troupe of performers OoS sprite 1.png Troupe of performers OoS sprite 2.png
Troupe of performers OoS sprite 3.png Troupe of performers OoS sprite 4.png
Troupe of performers X mark.png A group of undercover Hylian Knights who attempted to smuggle Din to safety in the game's beginning.
Vasu OoS-OoA sprite.png Vasu Check mark.png An appraiser of Magical Rings found in Horon Village.
Zora OoS-OoA sprite.png Zora3 Check mark.png An inhabitant of Zora Village in Labrynna found scouting the Hero's Cave in a Linked Game.

3 - Only appears in the linked game
4 - Only appears in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages's linked game



Dungeons in bold are exclusive to the linked game.

Name Description Item Reward Miniboss Boss
Hero's Cave (1) A short dungeon on the Western Shore where Link must retrieve the Wooden Sword to reach the Maku Tree. In a Linked Game, it has a different layout, though most of it cannot be accessed until later items are obtained. Wooden Sword OoS-OoA sprite.png
Wooden Sword
Gnarled Root Dungeon A bird-shaped dungeon located in a hollow tree on an island north of Horon Village. Seed Satchel OoS-OoA sprite.png
Seed Satchel
Fertile Soil OoS sprite.png
Fertile Soil
Goriya Bros. Aquamentus
Snake's Remains A somewhat crescent-shaped dungeon in the Woods of Winter with a disconnected area accessed through another entrance. It requires the ability to switch to winter. Power Bracelet OoS-OoA sprite.png
Power Bracelet
Gift of Time OoS sprite.png
Gift of Time
Façade Dodongo
Poison Moth's Lair A dungeon in an elevated cave entrance in Spool Swamp. It requires the ability to switch to summer. Roc's Feather OoS-OoA sprite.png
Roc's Feather
Bright Sun OoS sprite.png
Bright Sun
Calamareyes Mothula
Dancing Dragon Dungeon A dragon-shaped dungeon found on Mt. Cucco. It requires the ability to switch to spring. Slingshot OoS sprite.png
Soothing Rain OoS sprite.png
Soothing Rain
Agahnim Gohma
Unicorn's Cave A unicorn head-shaped dungeon near Eyeglass Lake. It requires the ability to switch to fall. Magnetic Gloves north OoS sprite.png Magnetic Gloves south OoS sprite.png
Magnetic Gloves
Nurturing Warmth OoS sprite.png
Nurturing Warmth
Syger Digdogger
Ancient Ruins A tall tower in the deepest reaches of Tarm Ruins. Magic Boomerang OoS sprite.png
Magical Boomerang
Blowing Wind OoS sprite.png
Blowing Wind
Vire Manhandla
Explorer's Crypt A dungeon found in the Cemetery near the Western Coast. Roc's Cape OoS sprite.png
Roc's Cape
Seed of Life OoS sprite.png
Seed of Life
Poe Sisters Gleeok
Sword & Shield Maze A dungeon inside a living volcano in the northwestern edge of the Subrosian Volcanoes. Hyper Slingshot OoS sprite.png
Hyper Slingshot
Changing Seasons OoS sprite.png
Changing Seasons
Frypolar Medusa Head
Onox's Castle The final dungeon, a linear hall of battles found at the top of the Northern Peak. None Completion None Onox
Hero's Cave (2) An optional extended version of the Hero's Cave found only in the Linked Game. It can be accessed at any point, but requires many items to complete in full. OoX ring 4 - Power Ring L-3.png
Power Ring L-3
Room of Rites The final dungeon in a Linked Game, this is a maze full of the Eyes of Deceit trying to trick Link. None True completion None Twinrova


Different areas in the game have a different default season when Link arrives. Depending on how many seasons have been imbued into the Rod of Seasons, he can change them in sequence.

Sprite Name Description
Winter In winter, dense trees lose their leaves, some water freezes to ice, and snow piles up into drifts; some of these drifts form paths, and others must be shoveled away.
Spring In spring, flowers bloom, such as Blast Blooms and rock flowers.
Summer In summer, climbable vines grow thick and certain wetlands flood.
Fall In fall, fallen leaves cover holes in the ground while Rock Mushrooms ripen.


Sprite Name Ages? Description
Amy OoS sprite.png Amy X mark.png The younger of the Poe Sisters, she warps around and charges forward with a sword.
Anti-Faerie OoS-OoA sprite.png Anti-Faerie Check mark.png Skull spirits that bounce around rooms diagonally. They can be defeated with a Boomerang.
Arm-Mimic OoS-OoA sprite.png Arm-Mimic Check mark.png Haniwa that copy Link's movements in reverse.
Armos Statue blue OoS-OoA sprite.png Armos Statue red OoS-OoA sprite.png Armos Statue Check mark.png Statues that come alive and walk around after a trigger, usually touching them. Only the blue ones are damages by sword attacks.
Baby moth OoS sprite.png Baby moth X mark.png Mothula's offspring, which fly at Link during its battle.
OoX Ball and Chain Guy.png Ball and Chain Guy Check mark.png Strong soldiers wielding a far-reaching flail.
OoX Beetle.png Beetle Check mark.png Crawling arthropods that can sometimes be dug up with the shovel or dropped by Façade.
Buzz Blob LADX sprite.png Buzz Blob Check mark.png Electrical blobs that aimlessly strut around.
Cheep Cheep OoS-OoA sprite.png Cheep Cheep Check mark.png Fish that swim around in side-scrolling areas.
Crow OoS-OoA sprite.png Crow Check mark.png Birds that fly at Link from the edge of the screen.
OoX Cukeman.png Cukeman Check mark.png The result of hitting a Buzz Blob with a Mystery Seed, these act similar, but can be spoken to, causing them to say bizarre things.
Deku Scrub OoS sprite.png OoS Deku Scrub summer.png OoS Deku Scrub fall.png
OoS Deku Scrub winter.png OoS Deku Scrub underground.png OoS Deku Scrub defeated.png
Deku Scrub X mark.png Giant nut-like creatures that spit Deku Nuts at Link. By reflecting them with the shield, they are stunned and offer information.
Facade OoS sprite.png Façade X mark.png A giant face in the floor that attacks Link by manipulating the room, breathing fire, and summoning Beetles.
Fire Keese OoS-OoA sprite.png Fire Keese Check mark.png Burning Keese that swoop down at Link to burn him, though this also extinguishes them on contact.
OoX Firebat.png Firebat Check mark.png Evil magic resembling a Fire Keese, Twinrova summons them to attack Link.
Fish OoS sprite.png Fish X mark.png Piranhas that swim back-and-forth with their dorsal fins visible, occasionally leaping.
Wallmaster blue OoS-OoA sprite.png Floormaster Check mark.png Giant hands that sprout from the floor and follow Link. If one catches him, he is taken to the dungeon entrance.
Gel red LADX sprite.png Gel Check mark.png Tiny slimes that are usually split from a red Zol. They grab onto Link and slow him down.
Ghini OoS-OoA sprite.png Ghost Check mark.png Simple spirit enemies that fly back and forth.
Gibdo LADX sprite.png Gibdo Check mark.png Mummies that walk around unflinchingly. Burning them reveals a Stalfos.
OoS Gohma Larva red.png OoS Gohma Larva orange.png
OoS Gohma Larva green.png Gohma Larva OoS sprite.png
Gohma Larva X mark.png The offspring of Gohma released in the second half of its battle. Some slide around, and others hop.
OoS Octorok gold.png OoS Moblin gold.png
OoS Soldier gold.png OoS Lynel gold.png
Golden beasts X mark.png Four strong versions of different enemies found across the land during specific seasons and places. An old man challenges Link to defeat each.
Goponga Flower LADX sprite.png Goponga Flower Check mark.png Immobile swamp plants that are very difficult to destroy and have the ability to shoot fireballs.
OoX Hardhat Beetle.png Hardhat Beetle Check mark.png Tough shelled enemies that cannot be destroyed, only knocked around and into pits.
OoS Gleeok Head.png Head of Gleeok X mark.png Gleeok's detached heads, they bounce around the room before attempting to rejoin their body.
Iron Mask OoS-OoA sprite.png Iron Mask Check mark.png Squat creatures with tough helmets. Unless the masks are removed, they can only be hurt from behind.
Keese LADX sprite.png Keese Check mark.png Quick, weak bats that fly around erratically.
Leever LADX sprite.png Leever blue OoS-OoA sprite.png OoS Leever orange.png Leever Check mark.png Spinning enemies that burrow out from the sand. The orange ones respawn endlessly.
Like Like LADX sprite.png Like Like Check mark.png Tubular creatures that can eat Link's shield if he is caught in one.
Lynel red OoS-OoA sprite.png Lynel blue OoS-OoA sprite.png OoS Lynel gold.png Lynel Check mark.png Strong leonine enemies that inhabit ruins and shoot sword beams.
Magnet Monster OoS north sprite.png Magnet Monster OoS south sprite.png Magnet Monster X mark.png Creatures that move quickly and switch between a "north" and "south" side, which the Magnetic Gloves can take advantage of.
Margaret OoS sprite.png Margaret X mark.png The elder of the Poe Sisters, she teleports around and circles with a flame-dropping lantern.
OoX Moldorm.png Mini Moldorm Check mark.png Crazily moving giant caterpillars.
Mini Digdogger OoS sprite.png Mini-Digdogger X mark.png The split form of Digdogger, they roam in a panic and can be attacked with most weapons.
OoS Moblin boomerang.png Moblin red OoS-OoA sprite.png
Moblin blue OoS-OoA sprite.png OoS Moblin gold.png
Moblin Check mark.png Common, medium-strength bulldog-like goblins that usually wield spears, but may also use boomerangs.
Octorok red OoS-OoA sprite.png Octorok blue OoS-OoA sprite.png OoS Octorok gold.png Octorok Check mark.png Slow and weak octopus monsters that spit rocks forward.
Peahat OoS-OoA sprite.png Peahat Check mark.png Plants with a propellor-like flower they use to fly around.
Pig Warrior red OoS-OoA sprite.png Pig Warrior blue OoS-OoA sprite.png
OoX Pig Warrior red sword.png Sword Moblin blue OoS-OoA sprite.png
Pig Warrior Check mark.png Common, weak pig goblins that wield various weapons and work for the Great Moblin.
OoS Pincer.png Pincer Check mark.png Moldorms that lunge out from pits when Link approaches.
OoX Podoboo.png Podoboo Check mark.png Fireballs that jump out of lava in side-scrolling sections.
Podoboo Tower OoS-OoA sprite.png Podoboo Tower Check mark.png Tall stacks of fireballs that shoot smaller fireballs before temporarily disappearing.
OoS Pokey.png Pokey X mark.png Tall cacti that wobble around.
OoX Pols Voice.png Pols Voice Check mark.png Durable rabbit-like enemies that can only be defeated in a few ways, including with any possible Flute.
OoS Raven.png Raven X mark.png Small flying reptiles that swoop at Link.
Rope enemy OoS-OoA sprite.png Rope Check mark.png Charging snakes that can be dug up, fall from the ceiling as a trap, or simply be on the field.
Sand Crab OoS-OoA sprite.png Sand Crab Check mark.png Crabs that move slowly forward and backward, but very fast sideways.
Shrouded Stalfos OoS-OoA sprite.png Sword Stalfos OoS-OoA sprite.png Shrouded Stalfos Check mark.png Robed skeleton warriors that can use spears or swords.
Darknut red OoS-OoA sprite.png Darknut blue OoS-OoA sprite.png
OoX Soldier red sword.png OoX Soldier blue sword.png OoS Soldier gold.png
Soldier Check mark.png Powerful knights that can use spears or swords.
Spark OoS-OoA sprite.png Spark Check mark.png Electrical fires that travel along walls. The Boomerang is the only thing that can defeat them.
Spiked Beetle OoS-OoA sprite.png Spiked Beetle Check mark.png Charging, spiky turtles that must be flipped with a shield before they can be damaged.
Spiny Beetle OoS-OoA sprite.png OoX Spiny Beetle bush underground.png
OoX Spiny Beetle bush spring.png OoS Spiny Beetle bush summer.png OoS Spiny Beetle bush fall.png OoS Spiny Beetle bush winter.png
OoS Spiny Beetle rock spring.png OoS Spiny Beetle rock summer.png OoX Spiny Beetle rock fall.png OoS Spiny Beetle rock winter.png
Spiny Beetle Check mark.png Weak creatures that hide under objects and scuttle at Link when he approaches.
Stalfos blue OoS-OoA sprite.png Stalfos red OoS-OoA sprite.png
Stalfos green OoS-OoA sprite.png Stalfos orange OoS-OoA sprite.png
Stalfos Check mark.png Skeletons with varying behaviors; most of them can jump.
Tektite orange OoS-OoA sprite.png Tektite blue OoS-OoA sprite.png Tektite Check mark.png Hopping spider-like enemies.
Wallmaster red OoS-OoA sprite.png Wallmaster Check mark.png Giant hands that fall from the ceiling, taking Link to the dungeon entrance if caught.
Water Tektite OoS-OoA sprite.png Water Tektite Check mark.png Water striders that skate around diagonally.
Whisp OoA sprite.png Whisp Check mark.png Spirits that move around rooms linearly, cursing Link on contact. They cannot be beaten.
Wizzrobe green OoS-OoA sprite.png Wizzrobe red OoS-OoA sprite.png Wizzrobe blue OoS-OoA sprite.png Wizzrobe Check mark.png Cloaked magicians that fire spells at Link while appearing, disappearing, or warping.
Zol green LADX sprite.png Zol red LADX sprite.png Zol Check mark.png Large slimes that hop at Link. The red ones split into two Gels.
Zora enemy OoS-OoA sprite.png Zora Check mark.png Aggressive fish people that spit energy balls at passerby.

Traps and obstacles[edit]

Sprite Name Description
OoS stone statue arrow.png OoS Arrow Trap vertical.png OoS Arrow Trap horizontal.png Arrow Trap Mechanisms that launch endless arrows at Link when he crosses their path.
Blade Trap blue OoS-OoA sprite.png Blade Trap green OoS-OoA sprite.png Blade Trap orange OoS-OoA sprite.png
Giant Blade Trap red OoS-OoA sprite.png Giant Blade Trap orange OoS-OoA sprite.png
Blade Trap Mechanisms that slide along the floor, coming in different colors, speeds, and sizes. Some only move in response to Link, but others are automatic.
Boulder OoA sprite.png Boulder Falling rocks that are summoned by Onox.
OoS cactus.png Cactus Spiny desert plants that hurt to touch.
OoS cannon.png Cannon Great guns that shoot huge bombs.
Chaser OoS-OoA sprite.png Chaser Spinning machines resembling Blade Traps that follow Link along straight lines as long as they can detect him.
Eye Guard Some of the many Eyegore statues filling dungeons can shoot fireballs.
Eye of Deceit Eye Guards that try to trick Link into going the wrong way in the Room of Rites in a Linked Game.
Face Lamp OoS-OoA sprite.png Face Lamp Torches that shoot fireballs at Link.
OoS falling rock.png OoS Lava Fire.png Falling rock Rocks and fireballs that are launched from volcanoes.
Floor Spikes OoS-OoA sprite.png Floor Spikes Pointy floors that damage Link to walk on.
Flying Tile OoS-OoA sprite.png Flying Tile Floor tiles that throw themselves at Link.
Beamos OoS-OoA sprite.png Laser Rotating turrets that shoot a beam if they see Link.
OoS Lava Fire.png Lava Fire Fireballs that spin in rings through the air.
OoS Lava Fire.png Pipe fire Fireballs that drop out of pipes.
OoX rolling pin short.png OoX rolling pin long.png Rolling pin Studded cylinders that roll back and forth.
Spiked Thwomp OoS-OoA sprite.png Spiked Thwomp Floating stone enemies that attempt to crush Link, but can be stood on the flat tops.
OoS stone statue wall.png OoS stone statue gargoyle.png Stone statue Gargoyles and reliefs that shoot projectiles at Link.
Thwomp OoS sprite.png Thwomp Small, spiked, stone enemies that try to crush Link if he walks under them.


Sprite Name Description Location
Goriya Bro red OoS sprite.png Goriya Bro blue OoS sprite.png Goriya Bros. A pair of Goriyas that throw a single boomerang between them. Gnarled Root Dungeon
Facade OoS sprite.png Façade A giant face in the floor that attacks by manipulating the room, summoning Beetles, and breathing volcanic fire. Only explosions can harm it. Snake's Remains
OoX Pig Warrior red sword.png Pig Warrior blue OoS-OoA sprite.png Pig Warrior blue OoS-OoA sprite.png OoX Pig Warrior red sword.png Pig Warriors5 A gang of Pig Warriors led by the Great Moblin that harrass Princess Zelda upon her arrival in a Linked Game. North Horon
Blaino OoS sprite.png Blaino A boxing creature who runs a gym in North Horon. Link needs to box him out of the ring to win Ricky's Gloves, and he can be refought for Rupees at any point. Blaino's Gym
Calamareye OoS sprite.png Calamareye OoS sprite.png Calamareye OoS sprite.png Calamareyes A trio of Bloober-like squid that leap from watery holes in the floor and shoot fire. They must be picked up from the water and attacked on dry land. Poison Moth's Lair
Great Moblin OoS-OoA sprite.png Great Moblin An extorting thug who is terrorizing the people of Sunken City, he is an optional miniboss. He throws giant bombs from a safe vantage point; Link must life the bombs and throw them back to make him drop a lit bomb onto his stockpile, destroying the entire fortress. Moblin's Keep.
Agahnim OoS sprite.png Agahnim OoS sprite.png Agahnim OoS sprite.png Agahnim A wizard who casts spells at Link with his two duplicates in a dark room. To find the right one, Link needs to use Ember Seeds on torches to see his shadow. Dancing Dragon Dungeon
Syger OoS sprite.png Syger A sabre-toothed cat that rolls around into a tusked ball. The small red ball on the end of its tail is its weak point. Unicorn's Cave
OoX Moldorm.png The Black Beast A normal Mini-Moldorm that is revived from a fossil by a Mystery Seed. Western Coast
OoX Keese Vire.png Vire OoS-OoA sprite.png OoX Keese Vire.png Vire A bat demon that swoops at Link and shoots different types of fireballs. After enough damage, it splits into two swooping, skull-faced Keese. Ancient Ruins
Amy OoS sprite.png Margaret OoS sprite.png Poe Sisters Amy and Margaret, a pair of ghost sisters that attack together when their individual curses on the dungeon are dispelled. They alternate between attacking Link and blowing out torches Link must keep alit with Ember Seeds, lest their power warp him away. Explorer's Crypt
Frypolar fire OoS sprite.png Frypolar ice OoS sprite.png Frypolar A spirit that alternates between a fiery and icy form. Only the opposing element can harm it. Sword & Shield Maze
Rope enemy OoS-OoA sprite.png Rope enemy OoS-OoA sprite.png Rope enemy OoS-OoA sprite.png Rope enemy OoS-OoA sprite.png
Pig Warrior red OoS-OoA sprite.png Pig Warrior red OoS-OoA sprite.png OoX Soldier red sword.png OoX Soldier blue sword.png
Wizzrobe red OoS-OoA sprite.png Wizzrobe blue OoS-OoA sprite.png Lynel red OoS-OoA sprite.png Lynel blue OoS-OoA sprite.png
12 beasts6 Only found in the endgame of an unlinked game if Link returns with a password from a linked Ages game, Link must defeat these twelve enemies in a hidden area near the clockmaker's shop within 30 seconds for a sword upgrade from the old man who sets up the challenge. Horon Village grotto

5 - Only occurs in the linked game
6 - Only occurs in the unlinked game after returning a secret


Sprite Name Description
Aquamentus OoS sprite.png Aquamentus A dragon-unicorn that spits fireballs and charges forward. Its horn is weak to attacks. Gnarled Root Dungeon
Dodongo OoS sprite.png Dodongo A slow, fire-breathing ceratopsid that must be fed a bomb as it inhales, then picked up and thrown onto a spike pit in the middle using the Power Bracelet. Snake's Remains
Mothula OoS sprite.png Mothula A one-eyed moth that swoops around, scatters damaging pellets, and summons baby moths to attack, trying to knock Link into a pit. Poison Moth's Lair
Gohma OoS sprite.png OoS Gohma 2.png Gohma A one-eyed arthropod that must first have its giant claw destroyed with attacks, then be attacked in the eye using the Slingshot. Dancing Dragon Dungeon
Digdogger OoS sprite.png Digdogger A giant sea urchin that tries to crush Link, the Magnetic Gloves must be used to crush it with a spiked ball. Unicorn's Cave
Manhandla OoS sprite.png Manhandla A Giant Buzz Blob-like creature with four fire-spitting Piranha Plant heads. These must be destroyed with the Magical Boomerang, which must then be used to reach and destroy the boss's core. Ancient Ruins
Gleeok OoS sprite.png OoS Gleeok 2.png Gleeok A two-headed fire-breathing dragon. Both necks must be cut before either head can reattach, turning the body into a trampling skeleton that must be attacked and avoided. Explorer's Crypt
Medusa Head OoS sprite.png Medusa Head A giant floating head that attacks with fire, lasers, and petrification as it teleports around, and can be hit with most attacks. Sword & Shield Maze
Onox OoS sprite.png Onox (1) The game's villain, this "General of Darkness" uses a massive flail and his own weight to attack and defends with an electrified crystal containing Din. Only strong attacks can penetrate his thick armor, and only the Rod of Seasons can knock the crystal away harmlessly. Onox's Castle
Onox dragon form OoS sprite.png Onox (2) Onox in his fire-breathing true form, fought in a side-scrolling area. His hands must be jumped on as he uses them to attack, allowing Link to hit his forehead gem. Onox's Castle
OoX Twinrova Koume.png OoX Twinrova Kotake.png
Twinrova OoS-OoA sprite.png
Twinrova6 The true villains fought at the end of a Linked Game, Twinrova attack together and must have their fire or ice reflected into the sister of the opposing element using sword attacks. After enough damage, they combine into one being, and uses more advanced magic. In this state, she can be stunned from multiple sword hits, then damaged by being hit with a launched seed. Room of Rites
Ganon OoS-OoA sprite.png Ganon6 The evil king Twinrova seeks to revive using the Dark Rites, his resurrection is only partially completed due to Link's interference, rendering him a mindless, destructive monster. He is powerful and has many dangerous moves, but can ultimately be defeated with a large enough amount of hits. Room of Rites

6 - Only appears in the linked game



These are the main pick-up items in the game.

Sprite Name Ages? Description
Healing items
Heart OoS-OoA sprite.png Heart Check mark.png Small hearts that heal one heart of life energy and are found as common drops.
Fairy OoS-OoA sprite.png Fairy Check mark.png Small sprites that heal a large amount of life energy on contact. They are rare drops, but dungeon minibosses always drop one.
Rupee OoS-OoA HUD icon.png OoX Rupee green.png OoX Rupee blue.png OoX Rupee red.png
OoX Rupee dark blue.png OoX Rupee orange.png OoX Rupee dark blue big.png OoX Rupee orange big.png
Rupee Check mark.png Small gemstones that are used as money in Holodrum. The size and color determines their worth, though there is some variation with ones in chests. They are common drops in Holodrum.
OoS Ore Chunk icon.png Ore Chunk blue OoS sprite.png Ore Chunk red OoS sprite.png OoS Ore Chunk orange.png Ore Chunk X mark.png Pieces of valuable ore used as money in Subrosia. The color determines their worth. They are mainly found by digging in Subrosia.


Equipment consists of items that the player can equip to the A Button or B Button buttons for Link to use.

Sprite Name Ages? Description
Wooden Sword OoS-OoA sprite.png L-1 Wooden Sword Check mark.png The most basic sword, it is found in the Hero's Cave in an unlinked game; Link already has it in a linked game. It is needed to reach the Maku Tree.
Noble Sword OoS-OoA sprite.png L-2 Noble Sword Check mark.png A stronger sword, it is gained either at the end of a lengthy trading sequence in either version of the game; from an old man in a grotto near the clockmaker's shop in an unlinked game's endgame after telling him a secret from a woman in Ages' linked game; or returned through a secret from Ages' unlinked endgame in a linked game, initiated from the Zora in the Hero's Cave and given to King Zora in Ages.
Master Sword OoS-OoA sprite.png L-3 Master Sword Check mark.png The strongest sword, it is gained by doing the remaining above task for the respective type of game.
Wooden Shield OoS-OoA sprite.png L-1 Wooden Shield Check mark.png The most basic shield which defends against simple projectiles like rocks and spears, it can be bought at Stockwell's shop until he finds the next type, which replaces it.
Iron Shield OoS-OoA sprite.png L-2 Iron Shield Check mark.png A stronger shield that also defends against fire projectiles. It can be gained from the Subrosian Smithy after bringing some Hard Ore in either version of the game; from the Subrosian Smithy in an unlinked game's endgame after telling the Subrosian Smiths a secret from a Subrosian in Ages' linked game; or returned through a secret from Ages' unlinked endgame in a linked game, initiated by a Ghost in the vacant house on the Western Coast and given to the old man in the back of the Eyeglass Island Library in Ages.
Mirror Shield OoS-OoA sprite.png L-3 Mirror Shield Check mark.png The strongest shield which can also repel magic and laser attacks, it is gained by doing the remaining above task for the respective type of game.
Seed Satchels
Seed Satchel OoS-OoA sprite.png OoX Seed Satchel inventory.png L-1 Seed Satchel Check mark.png A sack that lets Link carry 20 of each type of Mystical Seed. It is found in the Gnarled Root Dungeon.
Seed Satchel OoS-OoA sprite.png OoX Seed Satchel inventory.png L-2 Seed Satchel Check mark.png An upgraded Seed Satchel that allows Link to carry 50 of each type of seed. It can be bought from the members' section of Stockwell's shop in either version of the game; given by the Deku Scrub in Natzu in an unlinked game's endgame after telling it a secret from the Deku Scrub in Ages' linked game; or returned through a secret from Ages' unlinked endgame in a linked game, initiated by a Great Fairy in the Woods of Winter and given to Tingle in Ages.
Seed Satchel OoS-OoA sprite.png OoX Seed Satchel inventory.png L-3 Seed Satchel Check mark.png A further upgraded Seed Satchel that allows Link to carry 99 of each type of seed, it is gained by doing the remaining above task for the respective type of game.
Bomb Bags
Bomb OoS-OoA sprite.png L-1 Bomb Check mark.png Explosives that Link pulls out above his head, they explode after a few moments. He can throw them at things to blow them up, and he can carry up to ten at a time. They can be bought at Stockwell's shop, found in chests, or found as a moderately common drop.
OoS Red Bomb.png Bomb OoS-OoA sprite.png L-2 Big Bomb Bag Check mark.png A bomb capacity upgrade allowing Link to carry up to 20. It is gained by buying the Red Bomb in Subrosia Market in either version of the game; from a pirate remaining in the House of Pirates in an unlinked game's endgame after telling him a secret from a pigtailed girl in Ages' linked game; or returned through a secret from Ages' unlinked endgame in a linked game, initiated by the friendly Pig Warrior in the Ruined Keep and given to the Wild Tokay Museum operator in Ages.
OoS Red Bomb.png Bomb OoS-OoA sprite.png L-3 Big Bomb Bag Check mark.png A further bomb capacity upgrade allowing Link to carry up to 50, it is gained by doing the remaining above task for the respective type of game.
Boomerang OoS-OoA sprite.png L-1 Boomerang Check mark.png A weapon that lets Link stun most enemies, destroy Sparks, hit far-away shock switches, and grab far items. It is a reward from the Subrosian Dance Hall.
Magic Boomerang OoS sprite.png L-2 Magical Boomerang X mark.png A special boomerang with increased speed and range, as well as the ability to control its path through the air. It is found in the Ancient Ruins.
Roc's items
Roc's Feather OoS-OoA sprite.png L-1 Roc's Feather Check mark.png A feather that lets Link jump, helping him cross pits. It is found in Poison Moth's Lair.
Roc's Cape OoS sprite.png L-2 Roc's Cape X mark.png A mantle that allows Link to glide a short distance through the air. It is found in Explorer's Crypt.
Slingshot OoS sprite.png L-1 Slingshot X mark.png A weapon that allows Link to shoot Mystical Seeds at enemies, switches, and other targets. It is found in the Dancing Dragon Dungeon.
Hyper Slingshot OoS sprite.png L-2 Hyper Slingshot X mark.png A special slingshot that shoots three seeds in a spread shot for the price of one. It is found in the Sword & Shield Maze.
Ember Seed OoS-OoA sprite.png Ember Seed Check mark.png Seeds that catch fire when used, they are mainly used to burn shrubs and light torches.
Gale Seed OoS-OoA sprite.png Gale Seed Check mark.png Seeds that create a small tornado, Link can use these to travel to any seed tree he has visited already. By shooting them at enemies, they are blown off-screen.
Mystery Seed OoS-OoA sprite.png Mystery Seed Check mark.png Seeds that can be used on Owl Stones to get hints. When used on enemies, a random seed effect happens.
Pegasus Seed OoS-OoA sprite.png Pegasus Seed Check mark.png Seeds that briefly make Link extra-fast, which is needed for certain timed puzzles.
Scent Seed OoS-OoA sprite.png Scent Seed Check mark.png Seeds that, when dropped, release a pungent smell certain monsters are distracted by. By shooting them at enemies, they pop for damage.
Strange Flute OoS-OoA sprite.png Strange Flute Check mark.png A flute that has not been claimed by any animal friends. It can be bought at Stockwell's shop or won at the Subrosian Dance Hall, but has no use beyond defeating Pols Voices until the corresponding animal shows up. Only one flute can be obtained in the whole game, which carries across to a linked game, where the respective flute is always given by the animal it represents.
Dimitri's Flute OoS-OoA sprite.png Dimitri's Flute Check mark.png A flute that summons Dimitri. It is the Strange Flute obtained at the Subrosian Dance Hall, becoming Dimitri's Flute once he is met in Spool Swamp. In the linked game, he instead gives it in the same place.
Moosh's Flute OoS-OoA sprite.png Moosh's Flute Check mark.png A flute that summons Moosh. It is the Strange Flute obtained at Stockwell's shop, becoming Moosh's Flute once he is met in Spool Swamp. In the linked game, he instead gives it in the same place.
Ricky's Flute OoS-OoA sprite.png Ricky's Flute Check mark.png A flute that summons Ricky. It is given by Ricky once his gloves are returned to him at his home in Holodrum Plain. It never appears as a Strange Flute.
Magnetic Gloves north OoS sprite.png Magnetic Gloves south OoS sprite.png Magnetic Gloves X mark.png Gloves that have a strong magnetic pull, switching between the "north" and "south" ends every time they are used. They are used to push or pull Link and metal objects relative to each other. They are found in Unicorn's Cave.
Power Bracelet OoS-OoA sprite.png Power Bracelet Check mark.png A magical bracelet that allows Link to lift and throw heavy objects like pots and rocks. It is found in Snake's Remains.
Rod of Seasons OoS sprite.png Rod of Seasons X mark.png An item belonging to Din, this allows Link to change seasons by waving it when he stands on a stump, but only to the seasons it has been imbued with yet. It is gained during the first visit to the sunken Temple of Seasons.
Shovel OoS-OoA sprite.png Shovel Check mark.png An item that let's Link dig up items and shovel away piles of dirt and snow. It is given by Holly in the Woods of Winter.
Traded Ore OoS sprite.png Traded Ore X mark.png An Ore Chunk that acts as a strong weapon for a brief period, where the Strange Brothers steal the Roc's Feather and replace it with this.
Linking secret
Biggoron's Sword OoS-OoA sprite.png OoX Biggoron's Sword equipped.png Biggoron's Sword Check mark.png A huge, powerful sword that takes up both item slots. It can be gained from Biggoron atop Goron Mountain in an unlinked game's endgame after telling him a secret from a Goron in Rolling Ridge in Ages' linked game; or returned through a secret from Ages' unlinked endgame in a linked game, initiated from a red Goron near Biggoron and given to the Goron Elder in Ages.
Bombchu OoS-OoA sprite.png Bombchu Check mark.png Special bombs that move forward and home in on enemies, Link can carry up to 99. They can be gained from an orange-robed Subrosian in a cave near where Link first enters Subrosia in an unlinked game's endgame after telling them a secret from a Subrosian in Rolling Ridge in Ages' linked game; or returned through a secret from Ages' unlinked endgame in a linked game, initiated from Dr. Troy's pupil in the Eastern Suburbs and given to Dr. Troy himself at Rolling Ridge in Ages. They can be restocked from Syrup's shop.


Replenishable items
Sprite Name Description
Gasha Seed OoS-OoA sprite.png Gasha Seed These can be planted to grow Gasha Trees, which can give all manner of items of varying rarities depending on the amount of enemies defeated and the remoteness of the spot they are planted. They can be found in chests, dropped by Maple, or bought at Subrosia Market or Syrup's Potion Shop.
Magic Potion OoS-OoA sprite.png Magic Potion A special medicine that revives Link with all hearts if he runs out of health. It can be bought from Syrup's Potion Shop, and is also a fairly rare drop from Maple or Gasha Trees.
Magical Ring OoS-OoA sprite.png Magical Ring Rings that can be worn for special effects after they have been appraised by Vasu. Some rings are completely unique and can only be gained from certain chests or characters, but others are of different levels of common or rare. They are often dropped by Maple or Gasha Trees. Duplicates are bought back by Vasu upon appraisal.
Sprite Name Description
Ring Boxes
Ring Box L1 OoS-OoA sprite.png L-1 Ring Box The first Ring Box, which holds a single ring. It is given by Vasu upon first visiting him.
Ring Box L2 OoS-OoA sprite.png L-2 Ring Box A larger Ring Box that holds up to three rings. It is gained either from a red Goron hermit at Goron Mountain in either version of the game; from Mayor Ruul in an unlinked game's endgame after telling him a secret from Mayor Plen's grandmother in Ages' linked game; or returned through a secret from Ages' unlinked endgame in a linked game, initiated from a visitor of Holly and given to the girls in the middle house of Symmetry Village in Ages.
Ring Box L3 OoS-OoA sprite.png L-3 Ring Box The largest Ring Box that holds up to five rings, it is gained by doing the remaining above task for the respective type of game.
Swimming items
Zora's Flippers OoS-OoA sprite.png Zora's Flippers An item that allows Link to swim, they are gained from the Master Diver.
Quest items
Sprite Name Description
Gnarled Root quest
Gnarled Key OoS sprite.png Gnarled Key A key that opens the Gnarled Root Dungeon. It is given by the Maku Tree.
Spool Swamp quest
Ricky's Gloves OoA sprite.png Ricky's Gloves A pair of boxing gloves taken from Ricky by Blaino after a loss. Link must win them back from Blaino's Gym for Ricky.
Floodgate Key OoS sprite.png Floodgate Key A key that controls the floodgate for Spool Swamp. It is found in a drained puddle in the Floodgate Keeper's House.
Subrosia Market quest
Star-Shaped Ore OoS sprite.png Star-Shaped Ore A special Ore Chunk found buried in the Subrosia Seaside.
Ribbon OoS sprite.png Ribbon A ribbon Link can trade for the Star-Shaped Ore at Subrosia Market. He can give it to Rosa to go on a "date" with her.
Member's Card OoS sprite.png Member's Card An optional item for sale in Subrosia Market. It lets Link access the members' portion of Stockwell's shop.
Dancing Dragon quest
Master's Plaque OoS sprite.png Master's Plaque A proof-of-accomplishment found after completing the Master Diver's challenge near Sunken City. After showing it to him, Link gets the Zora's Flippers.
Spring Banana OoS sprite.png Spring Banana Moosh's favorite fruit, found on the easternmost peak of Mt. Cucco. When given to him, Moosh accompanies Link for a while.
Dragon Key OoS sprite.png Dragon Key The key to Dancing Dragon Dungeon, which needs taken to one of the summits of Mt. Cucco. It is found in a dead-end on Goron Mountain accessible with Moosh.
Unicorn's quest
Bomb Flower OoA sprite.png Bomb Flower An explosive plant used to blow a hole in an impassible wall in the Temple of Seasons. It is found in the middle of Lava Lake.
Tarm Ruins quest
Treasure Map OoS sprite.png Treasure Map An optional item that adds a twinkle on Link's map for each of the Jewels. It can be bought from the members' section of Stockwell's shop.
Round Jewel OoS sprite.png Pyramid Jewel OoS sprite.png Square Jewel OoS sprite.png X-Shaped Jewel OoS sprite.png Jewels Four gemstones used to enter Tarm Ruins. They are found in various places across the land.
Explorer's Crypt quest
Rusty Bell OoS sprite.png Rusty Bell Cap'n's beloved keepsake, it is found in the Samasa Desert with the help of the desert pirate.
Pirate's Bell OoS sprite.png Pirate's Bell The refurbished bell after being given to the Subrosian Smithy.
Shield quest
Red Ore OoS sprite.png Red Ore A rare metal found on a mesa in Subrosia Village requiring the Magnetic Gloves to reach.
Blue Ore OoS sprite.png Blue Ore A rare metal found in a pit-filled section of the Subrosian Wilds requiring the Magnetic Gloves to reach.
Hard Ore OoS sprite.png Hard Ore Special ore that is used to upgrade Link's shield by the Subrosian Smithy. It is made by taking the Red Ore and Blue Ore to the Great Furnace.
Sword quest
Cuccodex OoS sprite.png Cuccodex A book on Cuccos obtained by the biologist in Horon Village after lighting the torch in his house with an Ember Seed. It is given to Malon in North Horon.
Lon Lon Egg OoS sprite.png Lon Lon Egg A "beauty aid" given by Malon, and in turn given to Maple.
Ghastly Doll OoS sprite.png Ghastly Doll A creepy toy given by Maple and given in turn to Mrs. Ruul in Holodrum Plain to cure her heat problem.
Iron Pot OoS sprite.png Iron Pot A well-worn cooking dish given by Mrs. Ruul and given to the Subrosian Chef in Subrosia Village to use for cooking.
Lava Soup OoS sprite.png Lava Soup Soup made from real lava, it is gained from the Subrosian Chef and given to Biggoron on Goron Mountain to cure his cold.
Goron Vase OoS-OoA sprite.png Goron Vase A rare vase made by Gorons, it is given by Biggoron and given to Ingo in Sunken City to complete his collection.
Fish item OoS sprite.png Fish A fresh fish given by Ingo and given to Mittens' owner in North Horon to coax Mittens out of a tree.
Megaphone OoS sprite.png Megaphone a bullhorn given by Mittens' owner. It is used to wake up Talon on Mt. Cucco.
Mushroom OoS sprite.png Mushroom A mushroom found by Talon. It is given to Syrup in Sunken City so she can make Magic Potion.
Wooden Bird OoS sprite.png Wooden Bird A carving of a bird given by Syrup. It is given to the clockmaker in Horon Village to finish a cuckoo clock he is working on.
Engine Grease OoS sprite.png Engine Grease Oil given by the clockmaker and given to the Phonograph Man in the Eastern Suburbs to speed up his windmill.
Phonograph OoS sprite.png Phonograph A music-maker given by the Phonograph Man and played for a curious Deku Scrub found underground in Tarm Ruins for directions through the Lost Woods to a sword upgrade.
Final quest
Huge Maku Seed OoS sprite.png Huge Maku Seed The culmination of the Maku Tree's power, it is obtained the next time Link visits after collecting all eight Essences of Nature. It is required to access Onox's Castle.
Dungeon items
Sprite Name Description
Small Key OoS-OoA sprite.png Small Key Interchangeable keys that can open a single door within the dungeon they are found in.
Dungeon Map OoS-OoA sprite.png Dungeon Map A map that shows the dungeon's layout, including rooms Link has not yet visited.
Compass OoS-OoA sprite.png Compass An item that shows the position of items and the boss, it also makes a sound when Link enters a room with a hidden item.
Boss Key OoS-OoA sprite.png Boss Key A key that allows access to the dungeon's master.
Health items
Sprite Name Description
Heart Container OoS-OoA sprite.png Heart Container Grants an extra heart of maximum life energy. One is held by each major dungeon boss, and another can be gotten through a secret.
Piece of Heart OoS-OoA sprite.png Piece of Heart Heart Container fragments scattered across the world. Collecting four assembles a full Heart Container.

The 64 Magical Rings have varying effects when worn. Some can be found randomly at various levels of rarity, but some can only be found in certain places, either in this game or The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, with others only being found in one of the games' linked version.

OoX ring 1 - Friendship Ring.png
Friendship Ring
OoX ring 2 - Power Ring L-1.png
Power Ring L-1
OoX ring 3 - Power Ring L-2.png
Power Ring L-2
OoX ring 4 - Power Ring L-3.png
Power Ring L-3
OoX ring 5 - Armor Ring L-1.png
Armor Ring L-1
OoX ring 6 - Armor Ring L-2.png
Armor Ring L-2
OoX ring 7 - Armor Ring L-3.png
Armor Ring L-3
OoX ring 8 - Red Ring.png
Red Ring
OoX ring 9 - Blue Ring.png
Blue Ring
OoX ring 10 - Green Ring.png
Green Ring
OoX ring 11 - Cursed Ring.png
Cursed Ring
OoX ring 12 - Expert Ring.png
Expert Ring
OoX ring 13 - Blast Ring.png
Blast Ring
OoX ring 14 - Rang Ring L-1.png
Rang Ring L-1
OoX ring 15 - GBA Time Ring.png
GBA Time Ring
OoX ring 16 - Maple's Ring.png
Maple's Ring
OoX ring 17 - Steadfast Ring.png
Steadfast Ring
OoX ring 18 - Pegasus Ring.png
Pegasus Ring
OoX ring 19 - Toss Ring.png
Toss Ring
OoX ring 20 - Heart Ring L-1.png
Heart Ring L-1
OoX ring 21 - Heart Ring L-2.png
Heart Ring L-2
OoX ring 22 - Swimmer's Ring.png
Swimmer's Ring
OoX ring 23 - Charge Ring.png
Charge Ring
OoX ring 24 - Light Ring L-1.png
Light Ring L-1
OoX ring 25 - Light Ring L-2.png
Light Ring L-2
OoX ring 26 - Bomber's Ring.png
Bomber's Ring
OoX ring 27 - Green Luck Ring.png
Green Luck Ring
OoX ring 28 - Blue Luck Ring.png
Blue Luck Ring
OoX ring 29 - Gold Luck Ring.png
Gold Luck Ring
OoX ring 30 - Red Luck Ring.png
Red Luck Ring
OoX ring 31 - Green Holy Ring.png
Green Holy Ring
OoX ring 32 - Blue Holy Ring.png
Blue Holy Ring
OoX ring 33 - Red Holy Ring.png
Red Holy Ring
OoX ring 34 - Snowshoe Ring.png
Snowshoe Ring
OoX ring 35 - Roc's Ring.png
Roc's Ring
OoX ring 36 - Quicksand Ring.png
Quicksand Ring
OoX ring 37 - Red Joy Ring.png
Red Joy Ring
OoX ring 38 - Blue Joy Ring.png
Blue Joy Ring
OoX ring 39 - Gold Joy Ring.png
Gold Joy Ring
OoX ring 40 - Green Joy Ring.png
Green Joy Ring
OoX ring 41 - Discovery Ring.png
Discovery Ring
OoX ring 42 - Rang Ring L-2.png
Rang Ring L-2
OoX ring 43 - Octo Ring.png
Octo Ring
OoX ring 44 - Moblin Ring.png
Moblin Ring
OoX ring 45 - Like Like Ring.png
Like Like Ring
OoX ring 46 - Subrosian Ring.png
Subrosian Ring
OoX ring 47 - First Gen Ring.png
First Gen Ring
OoX ring 48 - Spin Ring.png
Spin Ring
OoX ring 49 - Bombproof Ring.png
Bombproof Ring
OoX ring 50 - Energy Ring.png
Energy Ring
OoX ring 51 - Dbl. Edged Ring.png
Dbl. Edged Ring
OoX ring 52 - GBA Nature Ring.png
GBA Nature Ring
OoX ring 53 - Slayer's Ring.png
Slayer's Ring
OoX ring 54 - Rupee Ring.png
Rupee Ring
OoX ring 55 - Victory Ring.png
Victory Ring
OoX ring 56 - Sign Ring.png
Sign Ring
OoX ring 57 - 100th Ring.png
100th Ring
OoX ring 58 - Whisp Ring.png
Whisp Ring
OoX ring 59 - Gasha Ring.png
Gasha Ring
OoX ring 60 - Peace Ring.png
Peace Ring
OoX ring 61 - Zora Ring.png
Zora Ring
OoX ring 62 - Fist Ring.png
Fist Ring
OoX ring 63 - Whimsical Ring.png
Whimsical Ring
OoX ring 64 - Protection Ring.png
Protection Ring
Essences of Nature

The eight Essences of Nature are the dungeon rewards in this game. Unlike most games, they represent abstract concepts, specifically about the growth of trees.

Sprite Name Description
Fertile Soil OoS sprite.png Fertile Soil The first essence in the Gnarled Root Dungeon, it nourishes seeds cast onto the land.
Gift of Time OoS sprite.png Gift of Time The second essence in Snake's Remains, it gives time for the seeds to sprout.
Bright Sun OoS sprite.png Bright Sun The third essence in Poison Moth's Lair, it provides warm rays for the shoots to grow.
Soothing Rain OoS sprite.png Soothing Rain The fourth essence in the Dancing Dragon Dungeon, it provides moisture for the shoots to become saplings.
Nurturing Warmth OoS sprite.png Nurturing Warmth The fifth essence in Unicorn's Cave, it provides strength to the saplings.
Blowing Wind OoS sprite.png Blowing Wind The sixth essence in the Ancient Ruins, it blows pollen to fertilize flowers to bear fruit.
Seed of Life OoS sprite.png Seed of Life The seventh essence in Explorer's Crypt, it starts the cycle anew in a new place.
Changing Seasons OoS sprite.png Changing Seasons The eight and final essence in the Sword & Shield Maze, it ties the cycle together.


For this game's image gallery, see Gallery:The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゼルダの伝説 ふしぎの木の実 大地の章
Zeruda no Densetsu: Fushigi no Kinomi Daichi no Shō
The Legend of Zelda: The Mysterious Seeds – Chapter of Earth (alternatively "THE LEGEND OF ZELDA Oracle of Seasons" on the first screen of the game)


  • The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages are the first two games in the main series that were released in tandem. Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon are the first games of the overall The Legend of Zelda franchise that were released in tandem.

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