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The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

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The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures
TLOZ Four Swords Adventures box.jpg
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date Japan March 18, 2004
USA June 7, 2004
Europe January 7, 2005
Australia April 7, 2005
Genre(s) Action-adventure
ESRB:ESRB E.svg - Everyone
Console(s) Nintendo GameCube
Game Boy Advance (with Link Cable)
Mode(s) Single player, 2-4 players
Media Disc
Input GameCube controller
Game Boy Advance

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures is a Nintendo GameCube title and the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords. The game was both developed and published by Nintendo. It was first released in Japan and North America in 2004 and in Europe and Australia in 2005. The game's main gimmick is how the Nintendo GameCube–Game Boy Advance Link Cable can be used as a controller instead of a traditional Nintendo GameCube Controller. Early in production, it was intended as a prequel to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and several graphical and setting similarities remain from that in the final game.


The game takes place an unspecified amount of time after Four Swords, where the seal keeping Vaati in the Four Sword is beginning to weaken. Princess Zelda and the six Shrine Maidens gather at Hyrule Castle with Link to renew the seal, but when they open the portal to the Four Sword Sanctuary, Shadow Link leaps out before trapping each of the girls in a crystal and sending them away. Link follows Shadow Link through the portal and is left with no choice but to draw the sword, releasing Vaati, who promptly sends him away with a tornado.

The now-split Link wakes up near Lake Hylia, where he is instructed to return to Hyrule Castle by Kaepora Gaebora and is repeatedly accosted by an increasing amount of Shadow Links. They arrive and defeat Phantom Ganon, freeing one of the maidens. The continue on through Hyrule, freeing two others from the Eastern Temple and Tower of Flames, before Kaepora Gaebora tells them the castle has been invaded yet again. On the way back, they discover the four Knights of Hyrule carrying the Royal Jewels have been killed and turned into Big Dark Stalfos. They defeat and free the first of these before continuing back to Hyrule Castle, where they free the fourth maiden.

Finding part of Hyrule has been covered in darkness, the Links travel to the Temple of Darkness in the Lost Woods, where they hear from the local Deku Scrubs that another villain named Ganon, who is much more powerful than Vaati, is on the move. On the way, they recover another Royal Jewel, and in the temple, they free the fifth maiden. She tells them that "Ganon" sounds similar to Ganondorf of the Gerudo society, so they head next to the Desert of Doubt.

At the Gerudo village, they learn Ganondorf broke the tribe's law by entering the pyramid and stealing the powerful trident hidden inside. They make their own way across the desert, recovering the third Royal Jewel and freeing the sixth and final maiden from the pyramid. Returning to the main area of Hyrule, they find it frozen by dark magic. They recover the final Royal Jewel and free Princess Zelda from the Temple of Ice before making their way up the Tower of Winds.

At the top, the Links make their way across the Realm of the Heavens, where they stem the creation of Shadow Links before entering the Palace of Winds to defeat Vaati. Once Vaati is destroyed, the Tower of Winds begins to crumble, and when they reach the bottom, Ganon appears and attacks them. Together, the Links, Zelda, and the maidens defeat Ganon and seal him in the Four Sword, returning it to its pedestal.


Sprite Name Description
Princess Zelda
Shrine Maidens
Kaepora Gaebora
Great Fairy
Knights of Hyrule


Enemies and minibosses[edit]

Sprite Name Description
FSA Airokku.png Airokku
FSA Arrgi.png FSA Arrgi open.png Arrgi
FSA Armos.png Armos
FSA Armos Knight.png Armos Knight
FSA Ball and Chain Soldier gold.png FSA Ball and Chain Soldier red.png FSA Ball and Chain Soldier gray.png FSA Ball and Chain Soldier blue.png Ball and Chain Soldier
FSA Beamos.png Beamos
FSA Bee.png Bee
FSA Dark Stalfos.png Big Dark Stalfos
FSA Bomb Soldier blue.png FSA Bomb Soldier green.png Bomb Soldier
FSA Bombchu.png Bombchu
FSA Bubble.png Bubble
FSA Buzz Blob.png Buzz Blob
FSA Chain Chomp.png Chain Chomp
FSA Cheep Cheep.png Cheep Cheep
FSA Darknut blue.png FSA Darknut green.png FSA Darknut red.png Chief Soldier
FSA Deadrock.png FSA Deadrock petrified.png Deadrock
FSA Dodongo.png Dodongo
FSA Eyegore.png Eyegore
FSA Floormaster.png Floor Master
FSA Force Like.png Force Like
Force Soldier
FSA Frosteye.png Frosteye
FSA Geldman.png Geldman
FSA Ghini.png Ghini
FSA Giant Ghini.png Giant Ghini
FSA Gibdo tan.png FSA Gibdo white.png Gibdo
FSA Gohma.png Gohma
FSA Hardhat Beetle.png Hardhat Beetle
FSA Hinox.png Hinox
FSA Keese blue.png FSA Keese red.png Keese
FSA Bow Soldier green.png Knight Archer
FSA Leever green.png FSA Leever red.png Leever
Manhandla FSA sprite.png Manhandla
FSA Moldorm.png Moldorm
FSA Octorok red.png FSA Octorok blue.png FSA Octorok purple.png Octorok
FSA Pengator.png Pengator
FSA Rat.png Rat
FSA Rope red.png Rope
FSA Sand Crab.png Sand Crab
FSA Devalant.png Sand Worm
FSA Shadow Link.png Shadow Link
FSA Zol blue.png FSA Zol green.png Slime
FSA Popo.png Snake Bushel
FSA Soldier blue.png FSA Soldier yellow.png FSA Soldier green.png FSA Soldier red.png Soldier
FSA Stalfos.png FSA Stalfos skull.png Stalfos
FSA Dark Stalfos.png Sutarunakku
FSA Sword Soldier green.png FSA Sword Soldier gray.png Sword Soldier
FSA Tektite red.png FSA Tektite blue.png Tektite
FSA Terrorpin yellow.png FSA Terrorpin green.png FSA Terrorpin red.png FSA Terrorpin blue.png FSA Terrorpin purple.png Terrorpin
FSA Vulture.png Vulture
FSA Wallmaster.png Wallmaster
FSA Wizzrobe.png Wizzrobe
FSA Ropa.png Worm Basket
FSA Zora.png Zora


Sprite Name Description
FSA Ball.png Ball
Big Bomb
FSA Boulder fall.png FSA Boulder roll.png Boulder
FSA Bumper.png Bumper
Flying Pot
Flying Tile
FSA Gargantuan Ball.png Gargantuan Ball
FSA Sea Urchin.png Sea Urchin
FSA Snowball.png FSA Frog Snowball.png Snowball
FSA Stone Elevator.png Stone Elevator
FSA Dog statue.png Stone statue
FSA Thwomp.png Thwomp
FSA Trap.png Trap


Sprite Name Location Description
FSA Phantom Ganon.png Phantom Ganon Hyrule Castle
FSA Stone Arrghus covered.png Stone Arrghus Eastern Temple
FSA Helmaroc masked.png Helmaroc King The Mountain Path
FSA Dodongo.png FSA Dodongo.png FSA Dodongo.png Dodongos Tower of Flames
FSA Mask Poe.png Big Poe The Swamp
FSA Big Poe.png FSA Poe GBA.png Big Poe and Poe Infiltration of Hyrule Castle
FSA Gohma.png Gohma Lost Woods
FSA Phantom Ganon.pngFSA Phantom Ganon.pngFSA Phantom Ganon.pngFSA Phantom Ganon.png Phantom Ganon Temple of Darkness
FSA Big Moldorm.png Big Moldorm Pyramid
FSA Frostare fly.png Frostare Tower of Winds
FSA Big Dodongo.png Big Dodongo Realm of the Heavens
FSA Vaati.png Vaati Palace of Winds
FSA Ganon.png Ganon Tower of Winds (return)


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