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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
TLOZ ALttP box art.png
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date Super Nintendo:
Japan November 21, 1991
USA April 13, 1992
Europe September 24, 1992
Virtual Console (Wii):
Japan December 2, 2006
USA January 22, 2007
Europe March 23, 2007
Australia March 23, 2007
South Korea June 10, 2008
Virtual Console (Wii U):
Europe December 12, 2013
Australia December 12, 2013
USA January 30, 2014
Japan February 12, 2014
Virtual Console (New 3DS):
Japan March 4, 2016
Europe March 10, 2016
Australia March 10, 2016
USA April 14, 2016
Super NES Classic Edition:
USA September 29, 2017
Europe September 29, 2017
Australia September 30, 2017
Japan October 5, 2017
Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online:
USA September 5, 2019[1]
Japan September 6, 2019[2]
Europe September 6, 2019[3]
Australia September 6, 2019[4]
Genre(s) Action-adventure
Console(s) Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Virtual Console (Wii, Wii U, 3DS)
Mode(s) Single player

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is the third installment of The Legend of Zelda series. It was first released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, starting with Japan in late 1991 (on the Super Famicom) and then overseas the folowing year, 1992. The story is about Link, who goes on a journey through two realms, the Light World and the Dark World, to save Hyrule and the kidnapped maidens from Ganon.

The game returns to a top-down perspective like the first The Legend of Zelda game, thereby abandoning the side-scrolling gameplay of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Several series staples such as parallel worlds and the Master Sword were introduced in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is widely considered to be one of the greatest video games of all time and a landmark title for Nintendo. In 2002, the game received a Game Boy Advance port for the compilation title The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past/Four Swords, which also includes an exclusive multiplayer game, The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past was later re-released for the Virtual Console of the Wii (at a price of 800 Wii Points), then the Wii U, and the New Nintendo 3DS. The game is included on the Super NES Classic Edition and for Nintendo Switch Online. In 2013, the game received a direct sequel for Nintendo 3DS, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.


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The introduction chronicles the Imprisoning War, which occurred many years before the events of the game. It describes Hyrule as a beautiful kingdom surrounded by forests and mountains, and tells of an omnipotent golden power that lies hidden in the Sacred Realm, a place which cannot normally be entered by mortals. However, a dark portal to the Sacred Realm opened, causing many people to quarrel and fight each other. While many men entered the Sacred Realm, none returned. Instead, an evil power began to issue forth from the dark portal. During the main story, it is discovered that the source of the evil power is a lowly thief named Ganondorf, who got his hands on a golden power named the Triforce, turning the Sacred Realm into the Dark World. The king commanded the Seven Sages to seal the gate to the Sacred Realm. Many knights had perished in the battle to protect the sages from the evil, but eventually, the seal was cast on the portal. The evil ceased to flow, and the portal was sealed.

Many years later, a mysterious wizard known as Agahnim appeared as if from nowhere, using his magic to vanquish the King of Hyrule and take over Hyrule Castle. In doing so, he cast a spell on the knights of Hyrule, forcing them to obey him and kidnap seven maidens, whom he intended on using to break the seal by making each of them disappear into the Dark World. Agahnim manages to send six of the maidens into the Dark World, leaving only the final descendant, Princess Zelda. Agahnim has also captured Zelda, but plans to send her into the Dark World to complete the destruction of the seal.

Light World[edit]

Link finds his uncle in the basement of Hyrule Castle, and is given a sword and a shield.

At the beginning of the game, a young boy named Link is awakened by a telepathic message from Princess Zelda, who says that she is locked in the basement of Hyrule Castle. As the message closes, Link's uncle goes to rescue her, telling Link to remain in bed. However, Link ignores his uncle's command, and goes to Hyrule Castle as well. He goes to Hyrule Castle and finds an underground passage in the courtyard. Link travels down it, and he finds his uncle in the hallway, severely wounded. Before passing out, Link's uncle tells gives link a sword and a shield, instructing him to rescue Zelda, and teaches him the Spin Attack technique. Link navigates the castle and rescues Zelda from her cell. Zelda guides Link to the throne room, where they take a secret passage through a sewer that leads to a sanctuary.

Link is told by a sage that Agahnim is planning to break the seal by sacrificing the seven maidens; the only thing that can defeat him is the Master Sword. He tells Link to visit the house of Sahasrahla, a wise man known to reside in Kakariko Village, marking the location on his map. By the time Link leaves the Sanctuary, the storm and rain clouds have vanished, yielding to clear skies. It also becomes evident that Link is wanted for kidnapping Princess Zelda. Once Link arrives at the wise man's house, he finds only the wise man's wife present, and she tells Link that her husband left the village when Agahnim took control of Hyrule Castle. Link talks to a boy, who tells Link that Sahasrahla is hiding near the East Palace, and marks the exact spot on his map. Link heads east, and arrives at a house where Sahasrahla is staying. Sahasrahla tells Link about the Master Sword, and instructs him to return with the Pendant of Courage from the East Palace.

Link makes his way to the East Palace. There, he solves a variety of puzzles, and eventually finds a Big Key, which unlocks not only the chest containing the Bow, but also the door leading to the lair of the palace's boss. Once he reaches the boss' room, he finds six large, blue statues called Armos Knights, which, sensing the presence of someone in the room, become animate and proceed to engage in battle with Link. After he defeats the Knights, Link takes the Pendant of Courage and exits the palace. He shows the pendant to Sahasrahla, who tells him that retrieving the Pendants of Virtue—Courage, Power, and Wisdom—and taking them to the Lost Woods allows Link to draw the Master Sword from its pedestal therein. Before Link leaves, Sahasrahla gives him the Pegasus Boots and tells Link of a helpful item to the east of Lake Hylia. He marks the locations of the other two pendants—one in the Desert Palace, and the other in the Tower of Hera at the top of Death Mountain—and the Master Sword on Link's map.

After acquiring the three pendants, Link returns them to the resting place of the Master Sword in the Lost Woods. Unfortunately, just as Link draws the sword from its pedestal, Zelda contacts him telepathically to call him urgently to Sanctuary because the Hyrule Castle soldiers have just arrived there. Link arrives at Sanctuary moments after the Soldiers have vacated it, where he learns from the dying sage that Zelda has been removed to Hyrule Castle. Link goes to rescue her, but arrives too late; Agahnim sends Zelda to the Dark World. Link defeats Agahnim in battle, but is also sent to the Dark World.

Dark World[edit]

The Dark World is where Ganon has been imprisoned by the elders of the light world and, once he has managed to capture the maidens in crystals (thanks to Agahnim's work), he is also able to harness their power to "break a path through to the light world" where, with the power of the Triforce, he will be able to rule both worlds.

Once in the Dark World, Link finds himself standing atop the Pyramid of Power where Hyrule Castle stands in the Light World (as the two worlds are essentially parallel dimensions). To restore the Sacred Realm (now the Dark World) and save the once-peaceful Hyrule (a.k.a. the Light World), Link must rescue the seven maidens from dungeons scattered across the Dark World, defeat Ganon, and reclaim the Triforce.

Once the maidens have been freed, they use their power to break the barrier around Ganon's Tower, where Link faces reincarnations of the first three bosses: The six Armos Knights, the three Lanmolas (sand worms), and the Moldorm (a giant Worm), and of course, meets Agahnim again. After Link defeats Agahnim the second time, a bat rises up from Agahnim's clothes and flies off, crashing into the Pyramid of Power. As Link arrives at the Pyramid (using the bird he can eventually summon after he obtains the flute), he drops down into the hole made by the bat to find that the bat is none other than the evil Ganon, who can only be defeated using Silver Arrows. After Ganon's demise at Link's hands, Link touches the Triforce and is granted the most noble wishes of his heart, among them, the Dark World to return its former glory as the Sacred Realm, peace to return to the Light World, his uncle to be healed, and all to be restored as it was. His quest completed, Link returns the Master Sword to its resting place.


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A gameplay screenshot of Link in the Light World and the Dark World
A gameplay screenshot of Link in the Light World and the Dark World
A gameplay screenshot of Link in the Light World and the Dark World

Instead of using the side-scrolling perspective in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past reverts to an overhead perspective similar to that of The Legend of Zelda. The game reuses mechanics and concepts from The Legend of Zelda while introducing several of its own. For instance, arrows have been made into their own item, so Rupees are no longer used as arrows.

The game introduces items and equipment that would become common throughout The Legend of Zelda series, most notably the Master Sword. The game also introduces Link's Spin Attack technique. Heart Containers make a returning appearance, but many are split into Pieces of Heart, and Link can collect four of them to make a Heart Container, adding a heart to his life bar. All dungeons are multi-level, requiring Link to walk between floors and sometimes fall through holes to land on lower levels. Control of Link was made more flexible than in previous games, as he can walk diagonally and can run with the aid of the Pegasus Boots. Link's sword attack was improved to swing sideways instead of merely stabbing forward; this gives his sword a broader range and makes combat easier.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is the first The Legend of Zelda game to feature the existence of two parallel worlds between which Link travels. The first, called the Light World, is the ordinary Hyrule. The second is the Dark World that was created when Ganon corrupted the Sacred Realm. The Dark World is a decaying version of Hyrule. Each location in the Light World corresponds to a similar location in the Dark World, usually with a similar physical structure but an opposite nature (e.g. a desert in the Light World corresponds to a swamp in the Dark World, a peaceful village in the Light World corresponds to a dilapidated town of thieves in the Dark World).

Link can travel from the Dark World to the Light World at almost any outside location by using the Magic Mirror, and can travel back to the Dark World again from the same location using a temporary portal left behind on the map at the point where he reappears in the Light World. Otherwise, Link must use hidden warp locations throughout the Light World to travel from the Light World to the Dark World. Travel between worlds allows for puzzles in A Link to the Past that exploit structural differences between the Light and Dark Worlds, as Link may travel to otherwise inaccessible areas in one world by warping from parallel but accessible locations in the other world.


Playable character[edit]

Sprite Name Description
Link ALttP sprite.png ALttP Link Power Glove.png ALttP Link Titan's Mitt.png ALttP Link Titan's Mitt blue.png ALttP Link Titan's Mitt red.png Link Link is the main protagonist. He goes on a journey to rescue the Maidens and defeat Ganon to save Hyrule once more.
Link (bunny) ALttP sprite.png Bunny Link This is a cursed form Link takes whenever he is in the Dark World before collecting the Moon Pearl or temporarily when hit by an Usagi Beam. While in it, he cannot attack in any manner and as such must avoid enemies.

Supporting characters[edit]

Sprite Name Description
Aginah ALttP sprite.png Aginah Sahasrahla's brother, he is taking refuge in the Desert of Mystery and tells Link about the Book of Mudora.
Duck ALttP sprite.png Duck A bird found sealed in the weathercock. It is released by playing the flute to it and can henceforth be used to travel quickly to certain parts of the Light World by playing it again.
Blacksmith ALttP sprite.png Dwarven swordsmiths Two craftsman brothers who work near Kakariko Village. One ended up in the Dark World and was cursed into a frog; reuniting them in the Light World allows them to improve Link's sword.
Faerie ALttP sprite.png Faerie Small spirits that restore health. With the Bug-Catching Net, they can be caught and put into bottles.
Great Fairy ALttP sprite.png Faerie Queen Large faeries that restore all of Link's health when visited at their fountains.
King of Hyrule ALttP.png King of Hyrule Hyrule's monarch, he was duped and killed by Agahnim. At the end of the game, he is revived by the Triforce.
Link's Uncle ALttP sprite.png Link's uncle A middle-aged warrior who goes to fight Agahnim in the beginning of the game, but is killed and passes his weapons to Link. At the end of the game, he is revived by the Triforce.
Lost Old Man ALttP sprite.png Lost Old Man The father of one of the maidens, he is escorted through the caves leading to Death Mountain and gives the Magic Mirror to Link.
Loyal Sage ALttP sprite.png Loyal Sage The keeper of the Sanctuary who protects Zelda for the first half of the game.
Maiden 1 ALttP sprite.pngMaiden 2 ALttP sprite.pngMaiden 3 ALttP sprite.png
Maiden 4 ALttP sprite.pngMaiden 5 ALttP sprite.pngMaiden 3 ALttP sprite.png
Maidens Seven (counting Zelda) girls who are descended from the Wise Men who sealed Ganon in the Dark World. Sending them to the Dark World is what breaks the seal.
Princess Zelda ALttP sprite.png Princess Zelda The final of the maidens, Link prevents Zelda from being sent to the Dark World for the first section of the game. She is the final one to be sent there and the final one rescued. Throughout the Dark World, she contacts Link through Telepathy Tiles.
Sahasrahla ALttP sprite.png Sahasrahla A wise old man from Kakariko Village, he is on the run from Agahnim at the Eastern Palace. He provides exposition to Link in person and through Telepathy Tiles in the Light World, as well as giving him the Pegasus Shoes.

Minor characters[edit]

Sprite Name Description
15-Second Game Operator ALttP male.png15-Second Game Operator ALttP female.png 15-Second Game Operators A pair that run a minigame south of Kakariko, where Link must go through a maze between them in fifteen seconds or less.
Witch's assistant ALttP sprite.png Assistant A particular Hooded Shopkeeper that sells the witch's potions and provides a free sample of the Medicine of Life.
Kakariko Storyteller ALttP sprite.png Average Middle-Aged Man A retired thief who spends his time loitering near a sign at the entrance to the Desert of Mystery. He is the only one who can open the locked chest.
Bird Simple fauna found in lightly forested areas.
Bomb Boy ALttP sprite.png Bomb Boy A small creature who runs the Bomb Shop in the Dark World counterpart to Link's House.
Merchant ALttP sprite.png Bottle Merchant A carpet-based street vendor in Kakariko Village who sells Link a bottle and will buy certain items.
Bug-catching kid ALttP sprite.png Bug-catching kid An insect-loving boy who has become ill due to the evil power leaking from the Dark World.
Bully ALttP sprite.png Bully A thuggish character angry about being banished to the Dark World.
Bully's friend ALttP sprite.png Bully's friend A person turned into a bouncy ball-like creature in the Dark World, he is the bully's go-to punching-bag.
Catfish ALttP sprite.png Catfish A large fish living in the Lake of Ill Omen, he gives the Quake Medallion if disturbed.
ALttP Cucco dark.png Chicken Ordinary farm fowl that summon a flock of invincible angry chickens if attacked too much. In the Dark World, they are skeletal, but act the same.
ALttP Telepathy Tile.png Chris Houlihan The keeper of a room only accessible through a glitch.
Dark World Shopkeeper ALttP sprite.png Dark World Shopkeeper Small imps that sell wares throughout the Dark World.
Digging Game Operator ALttP sprite.png Digging Game Operator A mushroom-headed person who operates a shovel minigame south of the Village of Outcasts.
Fat Faerie ALttP sprite.png Fat Faerie A Faerie Queen living in the Pyramid cursed by Ganon's power into an obese form. She grants Link the Golden Sword and Silver Arrows.
Fish Small aquatic creatures that can be found flopping in drained ponds. They can be picked up and thrown back into deep water or sold to the Bottle Merchant, both for a Rupee reward. In the Dark World, they are skeletal.
Flute Boy ALttP sprite.png Flute Boy A young boy who enjoyed playing his flute for animals in a grove until he ended up in the Dark World, though an echo of him remains in the Light World. In the Dark World, he gives Link a shovel and asks him to recover the flute with it.
Flute Boy's father ALttP sprite.png Flute Boy's father An old man in Kakariko Inn who tells Link of his son's plight.
Fortune Teller ALttP sprite.pngFortune Teller ALttP sprite 2.png Fortune teller Hooded figures that tell Link where to go next. In the Dark World, they are short.
Game of Chance Operator ALttP sprite.png Dark World Shopkeeper ALttP sprite.png Game of Chance Operator Characters who operate a gambling minigame. Three appear in total, with different designs each.
Ghostly Proprietor ALttP sprite.png Ghostly Proprietor A zombie who runs a Dark World Shooting Gallery.
Hooded Shopkeeper ALttP sprite.png Hooded Shopkeeper Cloaked girls who run most Light World shops.
Human Cucco ALttP sprite.png Human Cucco A chicken found in a Kakariko house under a pot, turned into a human by Magic Powder.
Human Cucco ALttP sprite.png Informants Two women in Kakariko who call a Spear Soldier if they see Link.
Kakariko Inn Patron ALttP sprite.png Kakariko Inn Patron A man who tells Link about the Water Faerie.
Kakariko Storyteller A man who lives in the house with the overgrown lawn in Kakariko Village.
Kiki ALttP sprite.png KiKi A monkey living in the hedge maze of the Dark Palace. He accompanies Link for a fee, though he will run away if they are separated. He opens the palace games if successfully taken there.
Camper ALttP sprite.png Lazy Guy A sleepy man found camping under a bridge. He gives a Magic Bottle if spoken to.
Mad Batter ALttP sprite.png Mad Batter A sleepy, confused demon who "curses" Link by doubling his total magic power.
Man in Blind's Hideout ALttP sprite.png Man in Blind's Hideout A man found in Blind the Thief's former lair, which he explains.
Ostrich A large bird that is one of the animals the Flute Boy played to.
Pikku ALttP sprite.png Pick Thieves that run businesses in the Village of Outcasts.
Rabbit A common meadow creature.
Quarreling Brother ALttP sprite.png Quarreling Brothers Two tall brothers found in a house south of Kakariko. Due to a fight, they have sealed the door between their rooms into a wall.
Running Man ALttP sprite.png Running Man A skittish resident of Kakariko that can be caught with the Pegasus Shoes and tells Link how he can get things from trees with them.
Sahasrahla's grandson ALttP sprite.png Sahasrahla's grandson A young boy in Kakariko who tells Link where to find Sahasrahla.
Sahasrahla's wife ALttP sprite.png Sahasrahla's wife An elderly woman found in Sahasrahla's house.
Soldier normal ALttP blue.pngSoldier normal ALttP red.pngSoldier normal ALttP yellow.png Soldier Non-brainwashed soldiers, yellow ones can be spoken to at the beginning of the game, and face-uncovered ones can be seen in the ending.
Squirrel Common forest rodents.
Storytelling Bird ALttP sprite.png Storytelling Bird One of the five Dark World storytellers, it is found near the Dark Palace and tells Link about the Lake of Ill Omen.
Storytelling Hand ALttP sprite.png Storytelling Hand One of the five Dark World storytellers, it is found near the Ice Lake and tells Link about the Average Middle-Aged Man.
Storytelling Insect ALttP sprite.png Storytelling Insect One of the five Dark World storytellers, it is found near the Swamp of Evil and tells Link the storm there is being caused by a monster's curse.
Storytelling Octopus ALttP sprite.png Storytelling Octopus One of the five Dark World storytellers, it is found near the Ghostly Garden and tells Link about the Fat Faerie.
Storytelling Tree ALttP sprite.png Storytelling Tree One of the five Dark World storytellers, it is found near the Dark Palace and tells Link about Ganon's influence on the Golden Land.
Sweeping Lady ALttP sprite.png Sweeping Lady An elderly lady found in Kakariko, sprinking Magic Powder on her turns her into a Faerie.
Talking Timber ALttP sprite.png Talking Timber Certain trees in the Dark World have pupiled eyes, signifying they can be spoken to. They have a variety of things to say, but some do not want to be bothered.
Thief A passive red thief found in a cave in the Lost Woods.
Lumberjacks ALttP sprite.png Twin Lumberjacks A pair of tree-cutters living near the Lost Woods, their latest tree proves to be very tough to saw. Once they leave, hitting it with the Pegasus Boots exposes an underground cave.
Venus ALttP sprite.png Venus A great queen of the faeries, Venus is found in the Pond of Happiness on an island in Lake Hylia and provides upgrades to Link's arrow and bomb capacity if he throws Rupees into her fountain.
Waterfall of Wishing Fairy ALttP sprite.png Water Faerie A fairy queen found in the Waterfall of Wishing, she provides the Magical Boomerang and Red Shield.
Witch ALttP sprite.png Witch An old sorceress who brews potions and can make the Mushroom into Magic Powder.
Zora character ALttP sprite.png Zora A giant Zora living at the headwaters of Zora's River, he sells Link Zora's Flippers for a high price.


The game's overworld takes place in both the Light World and the Dark World. From a birds-eye view, they have a similar layout, though the locations, namely the dungeons, are different. Some overworld regions are treated as the outer portion of nearby dungeons.


Name Description World Item Reward Boss
Hyrule Castle (1) Link must infiltrate Hyrule Castle at the game's outset in order to rescue Princess Zelda from the dungeons. Prior to going in, he obtains the Sword and Shield, and optionally the Lamp and Boomerang. Light None
Sewer Passage After Link frees Zelda, he must escort her through a connected series of dark, watery rooms full of Rats, Keese, and Ropes leading into the Sanctuary. Light None
East Palace The first "proper" dungeon is tasked to Link by Sahasrahla to see if he is capable of enduring the quest, promising more help if he completes it. Light ALttP Bow.png
Pendant of Courage ALttP overworld sprite.png
Pendant of Courage
Armos Knights
Desert Palace A sandy palace found in two sections in the Desert of Mystery, it requires the Book of Mudora to access. Light Power Glove ALttP overworld sprite.png
Power Glove
Pendant of Power ALttP overworld sprite.png
Pendant of Power
Mountain Tower A tall tower atop Death Mountain's summit, it requires a trip to the Dark World to reach. Light Moon Pearl ALttP overworld sprite.png
Moon Pearl
Pendant of Wisdom ALttP overworld sprite.png
Pendant of Wisdom
Hyrule Castle (2) Hyrule Castle is returned to once Link gets the Master Sword, allowing him to break the Lightning Lock. Agahnim has recaptured Zelda, so Link must climb the central tower. Once it is completed, the warp to the Dark World permeates the entire castle. Light None Agahnim
Dark Palace The first Dark World dungeon is found in the corresponding location to the East Palace. True to its name, it is very dark inside. Dark Magic Hammer ALttP overworld sprite.png
Magic Hammer
Crystal ALttP sprite.png Maiden 1 ALttP sprite.png
Maiden Crystal #1
Helmasaur King
Swamp Palace A large sewer network that requires various levers be activated to change the water flow. Dark Hook Shot ALttP overworld sprite.png
Hook Shot
Crystal ALttP sprite.png Maiden 2 ALttP sprite.png
Maiden Crystal #2
Skull Woods A forest cave with many entrances and exits that must be traveled between, and the constant threat of Clutch. Dark Fire Rod ALttP overworld sprite.png
Fire Rod
Crystal ALttP sprite.png Maiden 3 ALttP sprite.png
Maiden Crystal #3
Thieves' Town The underside of the Village of Outcasts where the master thief boss Blind runs his empire from. Dark Titan's Mitt ALttP overworld sprite.png
Titan's Mitt
Crystal ALttP sprite.png Maiden 4 ALttP sprite.png
Maiden Crystal #4
Blind the Thief
Ice Palace A confusing underground tower entered from the iceberg in the Ice Lake. Dark Blue Mail ALttP overworld sprite.png
Blue Mail
Crystal ALttP sprite.png Maiden 5 ALttP sprite.png
Maiden Crystal #5
Misery Mire A slimy, open temple found under the Swamp of Evil. Dark Cane of Somaria ALttP overworld sprite.png
Cane of Somaria
Crystal ALttP sprite.png Maiden 3 ALttP sprite.png
Maiden Crystal #6
Turtle Rock A volcanic cavern requiring extensive use of magic, it has an escape route and shortcut back in near the end in case Link runs out. Dark Mirror Shield ALttP overworld sprite.png
Mirror Shield
Crystal ALttP sprite.png Princess Zelda ALttP sprite.png
Maiden Crystal #7
Ganon's Tower Ganon's hideout, found at the corresponding location to the Mountain Tower. The barrier surrounding it can only be dissipated when all the Maidens come together. Dark Red Mail ALttP overworld sprite.png
Red Mail
None Aghanim
Pyramid This centerpiece of the Dark World is broken into by Ganon after he is flushed out from his tower. Dark Golden Sword ALttP overworld sprite.png
Golden Sword
Bow and Silver Arrows ALttP overworld sprite.png
Silver Arrows
None Ganon


Sprite Name Description
Multi-world enemies
Bee ALttP sprite.png Bee A common insect that can be found in grass and trees and can be caught in a Magic Bottle.
Slime ALttP sprite.png Slime A weak creature that results from sprinkling certain enemies with Magic Powder.
General Light World enemies
Soldier ALttP green sprite.png Soldier Basic soldiers brainwashed by Agahnim which simply wander around, speeding up if they see Link.
ALttP Spear Soldier green.png Spear Soldier ALttP red sprite.png Spear Throwing Soldier ALttP sprite.png ALttP Spear Throwing Soldier javelin.png Spear Soldier Strong soldiers that either aggressively pursue Link or throw their weapons as endless javelins, sometimes hiding in grass.
Sword Soldier ALttP green sprite.png Sword Soldier ALttP indigo sprite.png ALttP Elite Knight.png Sword Soldier Soldiers that charge after Link to hit him with their weapons.
Light World overworld enemies
Armos ALttP sprite.png ALttP Armos active.png Armos Statues that come alive when Link approaches and hop after him.
Bomb Soldier ALttP sprite.png Bomb Soldier A soldier that throws bombs from high atop battlements.
Buzz Blob ALttP sprite.png Buzzblob A creature that will painfully zap Link if hit with a sword.
Crow ALttP sprite.png Crow An aggressive bird that swoops down upon passerby.
Deadrock ALttP sprite.png ALttP Deadrock petrified.png Deadrock Quickly moving creatures that temporarily turn to stone if attacked.
Geldman ALttP sprite.png Geldman Large-but-weak sand-based monsters that pop up from desert ground.
Hoarder ALttP sprite.png ALttP Hoarder bush.png ALttP Hoarder rock.png Hoarder A small creature that hides under bushes and rocks and may drop Rupees if its cover is removed.
ALttP Knight Archer grass.png Archer ALttP indigo sprite.png Knight Archer Soldiers that prefer to attack from a distance using their bows, sometimes hiding in grass.
Land Crab ALttP sprite.png Land Crab Small crabs found near Lake Hylia.
Octoballoon ALttP sprite.png ALttP Octoballoon baby.png Octoballoon An inflatable Octorok that pops into several small versions of itself.
Octorok ALttP sprite.png Octorok A quick but weak rock-spitting octopus.
Poe ALttP sprite.png Poe Ghosts that swoop after Link.
Cukeman ALttP sprite.png Potatohead Singing creatures that are the result of sprinkling a Buzzblob with Magic Powder.
Tektite ALttP blue sprite.png Tektite ALttP red sprite.png Tektite Jumping one-eyed spiders in the mountains.
Thief ALttP sprite.png Thief Ambushing bandits that try to force Link to drop his items.
Toppo ALttP sprite.png Toppo Small hares found in the grass that give Link rewards if caught.
Vulture ALttP sprite.png Vulture Large desert birds that circle potential prey.
Zora ALttP water sprite.png Zora ALttP land sprite.png Zora Fish monsters who can spit fireballs or follow Link on foot through shallows.
Dark World overworld enemies
Ku ALttP sprite.png Dark Zora Water monsters in the Dark World that spit fireballs.
Dacto ALttP sprite.png Flyceratops An aggressive and hard-hitting pterosaur that swoops at passerby, just like Crows.
Hinox ALttP sprite.png Hinox Giant brutes who throw bombs, which they are also weak against.
Hyu ALttP sprite.png Hyu Swooping ghosts found in the Dark World, which act essentially as strong Poes.
Lynel ALttP sprite.png Lynel Strong lion centaurs that breath fire.
Moblin ALttP sprite.png Moblin Spear-throwing pig men who are common in the dark world.
Taros ALttP blue sprite.png Taros ALttP red sprite.png Moblin Pikeman Minotaur creatures who charge after Link with different weapons.
Pikku ALttP sprite.png Pick Fox-like bandits in the Dark World.
Pikit ALttP sprite.png Pikit Long-tongued hopping plants that try to eat Link's items.
Slarok ALttP sprite.png Rock Frog A fast slug-like creature that spits rocks.
Stal ALttP sprite.png Skull Rock A monster that disguises itself as one of the Dark World's many skull-shaped stones.
Snap Dragon ALttP sprite.png Snap Dragon An aggressive plant monster with big jaws.
Swamola ALttP sprite.png Swamola A swamp-dwelling centipede that leaps from its murky depths.
Talking Timber ALttP sprite.png Talking Timber Some of the talking trees drop bombs from their mouths if Link touches them.
Ropa ALttP sprite.png Worm Basket Jumping sea anemones that are common in the Dark World.
Zirro ALttP green sprite.png Zirro ALttP blue sprite.png Zirro Flying mushroom creatures, of which the green type can drop bombs.
General cave and dungeon enemies
Biri ALttP sprite.png Biri A small jellyfish split from a red Onoff, which acts exactly the same.
Fire Faerie ALttP sprite.png Bubble A magic-draining spirit that turns into a faerie if sprinkled with Magic Powder.
Chasupa ALttP sprite.png Eyeball Bat A large-eyed flying creature that flies erratically.
Goriya ALttP green.png Goriya ALttP red.png Goriya Monsters that mirror Link's movement, with the red ones also shooting fire at him.
Hardhat Beetle ALttP blue.png Hardhat Beetle ALttP red.png Hardhat Beetle Creatures that try to bump Link into pits with their high recoil.
ALttP Mini-Dodongo red.png Kodongo ALttP sprite.png Mini-Dodongo Small dinosaurs that breath fire.
Mini Moldorm ALttP sprite.png Mini Moldorm Fast, erratic caterpillars common in caves.
Bari ALttP blue sprite.png Bari ALttP red sprite.png Onoff A flying jellyfish capable of generating electricity. Red ones split into two Biris when attacked.
Eyegore ALttP green sprite.png Eyegore ALttP red sprite.png Rocklops Giant statue-like creatures that chase Link while showing their weak spot, that being the one large eye.
Popo ALttP sprite.png Snake Bushel A tangled mass that slowly wanders some dungeons.
Stalfos ALttP blue sprite.png Stalfos ALttP red sprite.png ALttP Stalfos yellow.png ALttP Stalfos green.png ALttP Stalfos orange.png Stalfos Skeletons adept at jumping and capable of other behaviors.
Light World cave and dungeon enemies
Ball and Chain Trooper ALttP gray sprite.png ALttP Ball & Chain Trooper gold.png Ball and Chain Trooper Rare but mighty soldiers that wield a far-reaching flail.
Good Bee ALttP sprite.png Good Bee A rare bee that will stay by Link's side a long time if caught, and fetches a high price.
Keese ALttP sprite.png Keese Small, weak bats that fly around if disturbed.
Leever ALttP green sprite.png Leever ALttP purple sprite.png Leever Spinning, sand-dwelling flowers that burrow.
Rat ALttP sprite.png Rat Small animals that scurry around dark areas.
Rope ALttP sprite.png Rope Aggressive snakes that charge at Link if they see him.
ALttP Sand Worm indigo.png Devalant ALttP sprite.png Sand Worm Giant antlions that pop up from the sand, with red ones also shooting at him.
Shudan Bubble ALttP sprite.png Shūdan Bubble A clump of four Bubbles that breaks up if the room's other enemies are defeated.
Dark World cave and dungeon enemies
Arrgi ALttP sprite.png Arrgi Small spheres that cover Arrghus. They can only be destroyed if pulled off him first.
Babusu ALttP sprite.png Black Shade Shadowy ghost-like entities that charge out of dark holes in the wall.
Zoro ALttP sprite.png Black Spider Tiny creatures that move in droves from certain opened bombable walls.
Sluggula ALttP sprite.png Bomb Slug A quick-moving creature that occasionally lays down green bombs.
Hokkubokku ALttP sprite.png Bouncer A tall, segmented creature that hops around erratically.
Chain Chomp ALttP sprite.png Chain Chomp An aggressive creature held back by a chain.
Clutch ALttP sprite.png Clutch A giant hand that falls from the ceiling at Link, and deposits him at where he entered the dungeon if it catches him.
Buzz ALttP sprite.png Cricket A small yet strong and fast insect that inhabits bright but little used areas.
Zazak ALttP indigo sprite.png Zazak ALttP red sprite.png Dragonman Reptilian humanoids that wander aimlessly, with the red ones shooting fire at intruders.
Firebat ALttP sprite.png Firebat A creation of Ganon's evil magic that can drop flames behind it.
Freezor ALttP sprite.png Freezor An icy golem that disguises itself as a wall relief, emerging if approached.
Gibdo ALttP sprite.png Gibdos Strong mummies with a crippling weakness to fire.
ALttP Green Glob.png Green Glob Large blobs of water that float up and bounce around diagonally at high speeds.
Helmasaur ALttP green sprite.png Helmasaur Mask-wearing reptiles that constantly charge around.
Skullrope ALttP sprite.png Masked Snake Green snakes with skull-like heads that appear after a trapped lever in Thieves' Town is pulled.
Pengator ALttP sprite.png Pengator Toothy creatures that slide on their bellies, jaws wide open.
Gibo ALttP sprite.png Red Ghost A giant floating cell-like entity that can only be damaged when the nucleus is outside the membrane.
Stalfos Knight ALttP sprite.png Skeleton Knight A giant skeleton that must be destroyed with a bomb once it crumbles.
Pirogusu ALttP sprite.png Torpedo Fish Rat-like fish that swim around in underground shallows.
Terrorpin ALttP sprite.png Turtle Tortoises with impenetrable shells, but soft underbellies.
Water Tektite ALttP sprite.png Water Tektite Large insects that skim along the surface of water.
Wizzrobe ALttP sprite.png ALttP Wizzrobe skull.png Wizzrobe Cloaked spellcasters who can make themselves disappear and reappear.
Zol ALttP red sprite.png Zol ALttP green sprite.png Zol ALttP yellow sprite.png Zol ALttP turquoise sprite.png Zol Slimes that pop up from behind Link and hop after him.

Traps and obstacles[edit]

Sprite Name Description
Ball ALttP sprite.png Ball Iron balls that roll in straight lines along the ground.
ALttP Bomb enemy.png Bomb Explosives dropped from various sources.
Boulder ALttP sprite.png Boulder Large rocks that bounce down the Light World's Death Mountain on the west side.
Bumper ALttP sprite.png Bumper Round obstacles that bounce Link and enemies away on contact.
ALttP cactus.png Cactus Spiny desert plants.
Wall Turret ALttP sprite.png Cannon Wall turrets that slowly move between two locations while shooting.
Guruguru Bar ALttP sprite.png Fire bar Rotating chains of fireballs.
Winder ALttP sprite.png Fire Snake Chains of fireballs that slither around walls, sometimes continuing off corners.
Floor Spikes Pointy floor that can only be safely walked on using the Magic Cape.
Flying Tile ALttP sprite.png Flying Tile Floor tiles that gradually rise and spin at Link.
Giant Ball ALttP sprite.png Giant Ball Extra-large rolling iron balls.
ALttP landmine.png Landmine Explosives sometimes found under bushes.
Laser Eye ALttP sprite.png Laser Eye Large eyes that shoot lasers at Link, sometimes only when he faces a particular way.
ALttP Lightning Lock.png Lightning Lock A barrier of evil magic. The one at Hyrule Castle can be destroyed by the Master Sword, but the one covering Ganon's Tower requires the maidens' power.
Medusa ALttP sprite.png Medusa Fiendish face reliefs that shoot energy balls at Link every few moments.
Mole ALttP sprite.png Mole Large, laughing Whac-a-Moles that act just like posts.
Spiked Roller ALttP sprite.png Rolling Pin Long, spiked cylinders that roll between two points.
Beamos ALttP sprite.png Rotating Green Laser Statue Revolving security machines that shoot a laser at Link on sight.
Spark ALttP sprite.png Spark Electrical fires that travel along walls.
Blade Trap ALttP sprite.png Giant Blade Trap ALttP sprite.png Trap Spiked tiles that either stay in place or slide along the floor. Moving ones come in two sizes.
Rabbit Beam ALttP sprite.png Usagi Beam Homing curses that turn Link into Bunny Link for a short period.
Fireball Cannon ALttP sprite.png Yomo Medusa Special Medusas that shoot a fireball at whichever cardinal direction points closest to Link whenever he swings his sword.


Sprite Name Location Description
Armos Knight ALttP sprite.png Armos Knight ALttP sprite.png Armos Knight ALttP sprite.png
Armos Knight ALttP sprite.png Armos Knight ALttP sprite.png Armos Knight ALttP sprite.png
Armos Knights East Palace
Ganon's Tower
A group of six colossal, armored statues that hop around in formation. Repeated hits damage them, but they are especially weak to arrows. Once all but one are defeated, the remaining one becomes red and starts following Link to crush him.
Lanmola ALttP sprite.png
Lanmola ALttP sprite.png Lanmola ALttP sprite.png
Lanmolas Desert Palace
Ganon's Tower
Three sand-dwelling centipedes that leap from the ground, spraying rocks in different directions.
Moldorm boss ALttP sprite.png Moldorm Mountain Tower
Ganon's Tower
A giant caterpillar that tries to knock Link to a below floor to restart the battle. The tail end is the weak point, but hitting it elsewhere causes substantial recoil.
Agahnim ALttP sprite.png Agahnim (1) Hyrule Castle An evil wizard who is the main antagonist for the first section of the game, sending the maidens to the Dark World to reopen the portal between. He uses various spells to attack; the round white ones can be knocked back with the Master Sword or the Bug-Catching Net to damage and defeat him.
Helmasaur King ALttP sprite.png Helmasaur King Dark Palace A huge masked dinosaur that attacks with its spiked tail and fiery breath. The mask can be destroyed with repeated hits from bombs or the Magic Hammer, after which its forehead gem can be attacked to defeat it.
ALttP Arrghus covered.png Arrghus Swamp Palace A large, one-eyed jellyfish surrounded by protecting lumps called Arrgi. These can be removed with the Hook Shot, but once they are all gone, Arrghus starts moving erratically.
Mothula ALttP sprite.png Mothula Skull Woods A giant moth that attacks by shooting energy rings as it flies over its hazardous arena. It is very weak to the Fire Rod, but sword strikes damage it too.
Blind the Thief ALttP sprite.png Blind the Thief Thieves' Town A thief boss who attempts to trick Link by disguising as the captured maiden. When exposed, he attacks with fireballs and his own floating head.
ALTTP Kholdstare sprite.png Kholdstare Ice Palace A spirit within an icy mass that must be melted with magic, after which it divides into three to confuse Link. It attacks by dropping ice from the ceiling.
ALttP Vitreous cluster.png Vitreous Misery Mire An amoebic cluster of giant eyeballs that throw themselves at Link. The largest one shoots lightning.
ALttP Trinexx 1.png Trinexx Turtle Rock A giant, rocky turtle with fire and ice heads weak to the opposing element. Once the extra heads are destroyed, the remaining head becomes a quick snake whose middle segment is the weak point.
ALttP Agahnim copy.png Agahnim ALttP sprite.png ALttP Agahnim copy.png Agahnim (2) Ganon's Tower Agahnim is fought again alongside two duplicates atop Ganon's Castle. Once he is defeated again, Ganon emerges from his body.
Ganon ALttP sprite.png Ganon Pyramid The evil king of the Dark World, a former thief who has the Triforce. He attacks with his trident both directly and to use magic in various ways. Enough hits petrify him for a brief period, but he can only be killed by hitting him with Silver Arrows in this state.



These are common items dropped by defeated enemies and destroyed objects.

Sprite Name Description
ALttP Apple.png Apple Fruit that can be knocked down from certain trees and pillars to restore health.
Recovery Heart ALttP overworld sprite.png Heart A common health-restoring item dropped by destroyed objects and defeated enemies.
Magic Jar small ALttP sprite.png Magic Jar big ALttP sprite.png Magic Decanter Two-sized magic-restoring items. The small ones can be dropped by many things, but the big ones are rarer.
Rupee ALttP green sprite.png Rupee ALttP blue sprite.png Rupee ALttP red sprite.png ALttP Rupee 50.png ALttP Rupee 100.png ALttP Rupee 300.png Rupee Colorful gemstones that are worth differing amounts, with green being worth one, blue five, and red twenty. Ones worth more are rare and exclusive to chests.

Item - Y[edit]

These are the game's equippable items. Most are only obtained once.

Sprite Name Description
Book of Mudora ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Book of Mudora.png Book of Mudora A book that allows ancient Hylian script to be deciphered. It is found in the library south of Kakariko Village by knocking it off a shelf with the Pegasus Shoes.
Boomerang ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Boomerang 1.png Boomerang A projectile item that can stun enemies and bring items closer. It is obtained from either a chest in the secret passage into Hyrule Castle or inside the Sweeping Lady's house in Kakariko.
ALttP Bow.png ALttP icon Bow.png Bow A powerful projectile weapon, it does not come with any ammunition. It is obtained from the East Palace.
Bow and Arrows ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Bow & Arrows.png Bow and Arrows The Bow made usable with collected Arrows, it is useful when battling armored enemies.
Bow and Silver Arrows ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Bow & Silver Arrows.png Bow and Silver Arrows With this, Link can deal extra damage and deal the finishing blow to Ganon. It is obtained by dropping the Bow into the Fat Faerie's fountain.
Bug-Catching Net ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Bug-Catching Net.png Bug-Catching Net A net useful for catching bees and faeries, as well as repelling evil magic. It is gotten from the bedridden Bug-Catching Kid in Kakariko.
Flute ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Flute.png Flute An ocarina belonging to the Flute Boy, it is used to summon the Duck to travel across the Light World. It is found buried in the Haunted Grove using the Shovel.
Hook Shot ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Hookshot.png Hook Shot A spring-loaded grappling hook used to pull Link towards objects and vice-versa, making him invincible while he does so. It is found in the Swamp Palace.
Magic Hammer ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Magic Hammer.png Magic Hammer A powerful mallet that can flatten posts and flip Turtles. It is found in the Dark Palace.
Magic Mirror ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Magic Mirror.png Magic Mirror An item that automatically returns Link from the corresponding spot in the Dark World, as long as there is ground to stand on, and is also able to warp to dungeons' entrances. It is given by the Lost Old Man in the passage to Death Mountain.
Magical Boomerang ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Boomerang 2.png Magical Boomerang A Boomerang with enhanced speed and range. It is gained by dropping the Boomerang into the Water Faerie's pool, or from a chest in the Village of Outcasts.
ALttP Mushroom.png ALttP icon Mushroom.png Mushroom A fungus the witch can use to make Magic Powder. It is plucked from the Lost Woods.
Shovel ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Shovel.png Shovel A spade Link can use to dig up items. It is given by the Flute Boy in the Dark World to find his Flute in the Light World, which replaces it when found. Another is used in the Digging Game in the Dark World.
Replenishable items

Some usable items are replenishable. Venus can expand the weapons' holding capacity.

Sprite Name Description
Arrow ALttP overworld sprite.png Arrow Ammunition for the Bow, these are useful against armored enemies especially. They are upgraded into Silver Arrows later.
Bomb ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Bomb.png Bomb Explosives that are used to cause heavy damage to enemies and expose passageways.
Magic items

These items consume magic to use.

Sprite Name Description
Bombos Medallion ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Bombos.png Bombos Medallion A medallion that unleashes a fiery attack across the screen. It is found by using the Book of Mudora on a plinth overlooking the Desert of Mystery.
Cane of Byrna ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Cane of Byrna.png Cane of Byrna A magic rod that creates a barrier around Link. It is obtained from a cave in the Dark World's Death Mountain at the end of an obstacle course.
Cane of Somaria ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Cane of Somaria.png Cane of Somaria A magic rod that can create and destroy orange blocks Link can push and throw, as well as make platforms in Turtle Rock. It is found in Misery Mire.
Ether Medallion ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Ether.png Ether Medallion A medallion that unleashes an electrical attack across the screen, affecting mostly flying enemies and paralyzing most enemies that are not immediately defeated, and is used to enter Misery Mire. It is found by using the Book of Mudora on a plinth in the Light World's Death Mountain.
Fire Rod ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Firerod.png Fire Rod A magic rod that shoots a quick fireball forward. It is found in Skull Woods.
Ice Rod ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Icerod.png Ice Rod A magic rod that shoots an icy gust forward. It is found in an icy cave near Lake Hylia.
Lamp ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Lamp.png Lamp A simple lantern used to light dark rooms and ignite torches. It is found in Link's House at the beginning, or in the passage to Hyrule Castle if he misses the first one.
Magic Cape ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Magic Cape.png Magic Cape A mantle that renders Link invisible and intangible to enemies and obstacles, including Floor Spikes and Bumpers. It is found in the Light World Graveyard, under a grave that can only be reached with the Titan's Mitt.
Magic Powder ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Magic Powder.png Magic Powder Magical dust that turns Buzzblobs into Potatoheads, Bubbles (and the Sweeping Lady) into Faeries, a particular Cucco into a human, and many remaining enemies into Slimes. It is obtained from the Witch after giving her a Mushroom.
Quake Medallion ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Quake.png Quake Medallion A medallion that unleashes an earthquake across all ground-based enemies on screen, turning those not defeated into Slimes, and is used to enter Turtle Rock. It is received from the Catfish in the Lake of Ill Omen.

There are four Magic Bottles Link can collect.

Sprite Name Description
Bottle ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Bottle.png Magic Bottle Found in the back of Kakariko Inn.
Bottle ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Bottle.png Magic Bottle Bought from the Bottle Merchant in exchange for 100 Rupees.
Bottle ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Bottle.png Magic Bottle Given by the Lazy Guy found under a bridge near the East Palace and Lake Hylia.
Bottle ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Bottle.png Magic Bottle Found inside the locked chest by leading it from the ruined house east of the Village of Outcasts to the Average Middle-Aged Man near the Desert of Mystery.
Bottled items

There are some items that Link can store inside a Magic Bottle.

Sprite Name Description
Bee ALttP sprite.png Bottled bee ALttP sprite.png ALttP icon Bee and Good Bee.png Bee Wild bees found in certain trees or randomly from grass. If caught and released, they instead fight by Link's side for a brief period. They can also be sold to the Bottle Merchant by releasing them near him.
Faerie ALttP sprite.png Bottled faerie ALttP sprite.png ALttP icon Faerie.png Faerie Small sprites found in certain fountains and trees. If caught, they will revive Link automatically if he runs out of health, and can restore his health once at any point by being released.
Good Bee ALttP sprite.png Bottled bee ALttP sprite.png ALttP icon Bee and Good Bee.png Good Bee A rare bee found only in the icy cave near Lake Hylia by charging into a particular statue. It stays by Link's side longer if released, and can be sold for a higher price.
Red Potion cauldron ALttP sprite.png Red Potion bottle ALttP sprite.png ALttP icon Life Medicine.png Medicine of Life A potion that fills Link's life energy if drunk. It can be bought at various shops.
Blue Potion cauldron ALttP sprite.png Blue Potion bottle ALttP sprite.png ALttP icon Cure-All Medicine.png Medicine of Life and Magic A potion that fills Link's life and magic when drank. It can be bought from the Potion Shop.
Green Potion cauldron ALttP sprite.png Green Potion bottle ALttP sprite.png ALttP icon Magic Medicine.png Medicine of Magic A potion that fills Link's magic energy when taken. It can be bought from the Potion Shop or gained by throwing a Magic Bottle into the Water Faerie's fountain.

Do - A[edit]

These are interactive items Link obtains on his journey.

Sprite Name Description
Moon Pearl ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Moon Pearl.png Moon Pearl Prevents Link from being turned into Bunny Link when he enters the Dark World. It is found in the Mountain Tower.
Pegasus Boots ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Pegasus Boots.png Pegasus Shoes Boots that allow Link to perform a charging dash, which can knock items from trees and throws Link back a few tiles when he hits a wall. They are given by Sahasrahla after the East Palace is complete.
Power Glove ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Power Glove.png Power Glove A special gauntlet that lets Link lift and carry light-colored rocks. It is found in the Desert Palace.
Titan's Mitt ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Titan's Mitt.png Titan's Mitt A special gauntlet that lets Link pick up light and dark rocks. It is found in Thieves' Town.
Zora's Flippers ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Flippers.png Zora's Flippers Flippers that allow Link to swim. They are bought from Zora at the source of Zora's River.


Link is permanently equipped with these items once he obtains them. If Link obtains a new sword or shield, it replaces the one that he was previously equipped with.

Sprite Name Description
Fighter's Sword ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Sword.png Sword A simple sword that can be slashed and spun. It is obtained from Link's uncle at the outset of the game.
Master Sword ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Master Sword.png Master Sword A legendary sword that can repel evil magic and shoot sword beams. It is pulled from the Sacred Grove once the three Pendants of Virtue are gathered.
Tempered Sword ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Tempered Sword.png Tempered Sword An improved version of the Master Sword after being worked on by the Dwarven Swordsmiths once they are reunited.
Golden Sword ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Golden Sword.png Golden Sword The best version of the Master Sword, obtained by throwing it into the Fat Faerie's pool in the Pyramid.
Fighter's Shield ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Shield.png Shield A basic shield that can block simple projectiles like rocks, arrows, and spears. It is obtained from Link's uncle at the outset of the game.
Fire Shield ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Red Shield.png Red Shield A larger shield that can block fiery projectiles. It can be gotten by throwing the Shield into the Water Faerie's pool or by purchasing it from the Dark World.
Mirror Shield ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Mirror Shield.png Mirror Shield A special shield that can reflect beams and is inedible to Pikits. It is obtained from Turtle Rock.
Green Jerkin ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Green Jerkin.png Green Jerkin The basic tunic Link starts out with.
Blue Mail ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Blue Mail.png Blue Mail Armor with more defensive power found in the Ice Palace.
Red Mail ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Red Mail.png Red Mail Special armor with even more defense found in Ganon's Castle.
Heart Container ALttP sprite.png Heart Container Large hearts dropped by defeated bosses which add an extra heart to Link's total life energy.
Piece of Heart ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP Piece of Heart alt.png ALttP icon Piece of Heart 1.png Piece of Heart Heart Container fragments found scattered throughout both lands. Four of them equal a full Heart Container.
Small Key ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP Small Key alt.png Small Key Interchangeable keys that only work once each and are only usable in their specific dungeon.
Dungeon Map ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Dungeon Map.png Dungeon Map An item that shows the dungeon layout, including rooms Link has not yet visited.
Compass ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Compass.png Compass Shows the position of Link, the boss, and the treasure.
Big Key ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Big Key.png Big Key A giant key that opens large locks on doors and the main treasure's giant chest. They are generally used multiple times.
ALttP Treasure Chest big.png ALttP icon Treasure.png Treasure The unique usable item found in the big chest in most dungeons.
Other upgrade
Sprite Name Description
Magic upgrade A Magic Meter enhancement granted by the Mad Batter after it is awoken.

Plot items[edit]

Aside from a heart, another special item is rewarded at the end of each dungeon. The Light World dungeons reward a Pendant while the Dark World ones reward a crystal.

Sprite Name Description
Pendant of Courage ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Pendant of Courage.png Pendant of Courage The first of the Pendants of Virtue, obtained from the East Palace at the request of Sahasrahla.
Pendant of Power ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Pendant of Power.png Pendant of Power The second pendant, held in the Desert Palace.
Pendant of Wisdom ALttP overworld sprite.png ALttP icon Pendant of Wisdom.png Pendant of Wisdom The third pendant, held in the Mountain Tower.
Crystal ALttP sprite.png ALttP icon Crystal.png Crystal Seven Crystals exist throughout the Dark World, each containing one of the Maidens.

Trailing items[edit]

These items simply follow Link on the overworld.

Sprite Name Description
Locked chest A peculiar indigo chest found in the ruins of a building east of the Village of Outcasts after the Dwarven Swordsmiths have been reuinited. It can be led to the Average Middle-Aged Man to open it, revealing a Magic Bottle.
Super Bomb ALttP overworld sprite.png Super Bomb A special bomb sold by the Bomb Shop after six Crystals are obtained. It is used to blow a hole in the side of the Pyramid, leading to the Fat Faerie's fountain.


For this game's image gallery, see Gallery:The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゼルダの伝説 神々のトライフォース
Zeruda no Densetsu: Kamigami no Toraifōsu
The Legend of Zelda: Triforce of the Gods