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Ramrock OoA sprite.png
Sprite of Ramrock in its first phase
First appearance The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (2001)

Ramrock is the boss of the Ancient Tomb in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, being a giant floating stone head with four distinct stages of battle, each with a different behavior and weakness. Between phases, it assumes a dormant form. The room it is fought in has two regenerating bushes that provide bombs and Scent Seeds, as well as a long pit along its back wall.

In its first phase, it moves back and forth across the back edge of the room and has a pair of floating hands it launches at Link, doubling back around if they miss him. They can be deflected with the sword, and to damage Ramrock, they must be angled to hit him. After three hits, the first phase ends, causing the hands to disappear and shortly be replaced by a pair of spiked crushing arms. It now follows Link around the room, occasionally smashing its spikes together. Link needs to time and position a bomb so Ramrock crushes it, hurting Ramrock in the process. After three successful blasts, Ramrock loses the arms and replaces them with a pair of red shields. It returns to the back edge, where it moves back and forth and occasionally fires a giant energy ball to loosely follow Link, or does a sweep across the room with eye beams, which can be dodged by jumping or standing at the lateral edges of the room. It blocks all attacks to its front from attacks, and as such must be damaged by using the Seed Shooter to bounce Mystical Seeds onto its back. After four hits, the shields disappear and are replaced by a pair of arms with iron balls on the ends. It continues moving along the back, occasionally stopping to throw one of the iron balls, connected to the arm via a chain, towards Link before slowly drawing it back. To damage Ramrock in this phase, Link must use the Power Glove to grab ahold of the other iron ball and pull it back as far as it can go; Ramrock will attempt to stop him prematurely with the other ball after drawing it back in. Once Link pulls it back far enough, letting it go causes it to spring back and hit Ramrock for damage. Occasionally, it may throw both at once, in which case Link needs to dodge. After three hits from the iron balls, Ramrock is finally destroyed.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴーリガン