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Queen Ambi

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Queen Ambi
OoA Queen Ambi art.jpg
Artwork of Queen Ambi from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages
First appearance The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (2001)
“Oh... I shall be known as a great queen... Nayru, Oracle of Ages, give me an endless day, so the people can work without stopping to rest! Young and old alike will work toward my ends!”
Queen Ambi, The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

Queen Ambi is a past queen of Labrynna and a major character of The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, also appearing sporadically in the linked version of Oracle of Seasons.

Queen Ambi OoS-OoA sprite.png

Ambi is first mentioned by Lynna Villagers as their queen, who is having then build a massive tower to guide her seafaring lover back ashore. She is said to normally be a fair and just ruler, but due to the manipulations of the Veran-possessed Nayru, she becomes increasingly more corrupt, firing her former advisor Adlar, turning the tower into a symbol of her greatness, forcing all able-bodied people to work on the tower nonstop for uncountable hours, and imprisoning anyone who speaks ill of her.

OoA Possessed Queen Ambi.png

Ambi is met in person shortly after finding Mystery Seeds, which it is said she desires; in reality, Veran is attempting to gather them due to them being her weakness. Ambi remains at her palace until Mermaid's Cave is completed, at which she takes a trip out. Link uses this as an opportunity to remove Veran from Nayru, only for her to possess a returning Ambi instead. Veran uses this opportunity to push the tower's construction further, climbing it upon completion and taking power from the Dark Realm to give her Nayru-like abilities even in Ambi's body. Ralph, one of Ambi's descendents, attempts to stop her at the potential cost of his own existence, but is beaten.

Once Link pulls Veran from Ambi, the queen realizes that she had not been herself and then flees as the tower begins to collapse. She is next seen at the entrance with a group of knights, which she clarifies was a cavalry in case Link needed any further assistance destroying Veran. She is then introduced to Ralph, and Nayru and them discuss all that had occurred. In an unlinked game, Ambi has a pair of Link statues built, placing one near the Maku Tree and another in place of Lynna Village's mermaid statue, then uses Nayru's help to go on a soul-searching journey through time and space. In a linked ending, she stays with Ralph while Link goes to fight Twinrova.

In the linked version of Oracle of Seasons, Ambi can be found at a few points on her journey. She first appears in Mrs. Ruul's Villa, where she greets Link and notes how the seasons of Holodrum keep changing chaotically, saying that must make life difficult for the inhabitants. She later can be found at Sunken City, which she finds "elegant" and muses that she may want to remodel her palace based on it. Later, she gazes wistfully out to see at the Eastern Coast, remembering her love and telling Link he would not understand how she feels. Finally, she appears at the House of Pirates in Subrosia, rushing in as Cap'n prepares to leave. After a short reunion, Cap'n says he needs to return to sea, and Ambi promises to continue awaiting his return, remaining in the house for the rest of the game. If she is spoken to afterwards, she embarrassedly tells Link he should not have seen her acting like that.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アンビ女王
Anbi Joō
Queen Ambi