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OoA Ralph art.jpg
Artwork of Ralph from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages
First appearance The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (2001)
“Sorry, Link. I was the one running around while you did the saving... But know this: I'll be the one to stop Veran!!! I won't leave the people of the past to her evil deeds! Forgetting about Veran now would be foolish. If we do, she'll just come for Nayru again!”
Ralph, The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

Ralph is a childhood friend of Nayru and a major character of The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. He obsesses over Nayru's safety, though is not especially competent at ensuring it.

Ralph OoA sprite.png

Ralph is first found listening to Nayru sing in the Forest of Time. When Link and Impa arrive, he tells them that he and Nayru are counting on them for protection before then saying he is sufficient for the job by himself. When Veran attacks and possesses Nayru, Ralph threatens to kill her, backing down when she points out only Nayru would be killed if he did so. Once she goes to the past, Ralph goes hysterical and begins running around shouting for Nayru, eventually finding the Time Portal Veran used to travel to the past. For most of the rest of the game, Ralph runs around ineffectually in the past hoping to find Nayru, occasionally appearing to offer advice to Link before running off again. In Lynna Village, he notices how the residents dislike Nayru and realizes this is due to Veran's deeds. When Link needs supplies for Rafton to reach Crescent Island, Ralph tells him on two occasions about Cheval's Grave for the Cheval Rope and Tingle for the Island Chart, respectively, and when on Talus Peaks, he tells him about the composer Tokkey.

Once Queen Ambi leaves the palace where Veran is hiding, Ralph meets Link at the entrance and tells him of a hidden passage in the courtyard before rushing inside. He is not seen again until Link frees Nayru from Veran and Veran instead possesses Ambi, at which point he rushes in, realizes Nayru is herself, and is then warped with Link and Nayru back to the present. Ralph apologizes to Link for having been useless before and decides to return to the past to finish Veran off before she can cause further damage. He is noticed by several Lynna Villagers, who comment to Link of Ralph's odd behavior and appearance. Once Link obtains the Huge Maku Seed, Impa realizes that Ralph is knowingly a descendent of Ambi and plans to kill her at the cost of his own existence. Impa and Nayru attempt to stop him, but he continues into the Black Tower regardless. At the Black Tower Turret, Ralph plans to take on the possessed Ambi, only for her to effortlessly leave him incapacitated on the floor using the power she took from the Dark Realm. Ralph admits to Link his failed attempt at self-sacrifice was foolish and weakly calls for Nayru. After Link seemingly defeats Veran after removing her from Ambi, Ralph, Nayru, and Ambi all escape the crumbling tower while Link is held back to destroy Veran once and for all.

After they leave the tower and see Ambi brought a platoon of knights, Ralph prepares for the worst, only for Ambi to say she was preparing to offer them help. A relieved Ralph introduces himself as her great, great, great, great, great, great, grandson, to which she cheekily scolds him for implying she is old. In the unlinked ending, Link can be seen teaching Ralph the Spin Attack, only for Ralph to go out of control and end up dizzy (resembling the later Hurricane Spin move), and later listens to Nayru sing while promising to protect her for real. In the linked ending, he promises he will keep the peace with Ambi while Link goes to fight Twinrova, and during the credits can be seen with Nayru in the distant future, shopping and getting into a race with a trio of young boys; the latter is notably his only appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ラルフ
Chinese (Traditional) 拉爾夫 (Chingwin)
Translation from Japanese name