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Smog OoA sprite.png
Sprite of Smog in their combined form
First appearance The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (2001)
“It's time for our little game! I break apart. If you can force me back together and blow me away, it ends! But before you do, I shall take a bit of your soul!!! Now begin!”
Smog, The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

Smog is the boss of the Crown Dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, resembling a giant horned cloud. When Link enters the room, Smog tells him to play their "game," in which Smog breaks into smaller pieces and must be reassembled to damage them. There are four rounds, with each getting more complex. The pieces of Smog move around separate groups of blocks laid out around the room, and to connect the pieces, the Cane of Somaria must be used to create temporary blocks. The blocks already present can also be pushed one space each. If a Smog piece ends up free-floating, it disappears and then reappears in its original starting point. Attacking them simply causes them to temporarily slow down, and every few moments, they each blow out a damaging blue cloud. In each round, there is a switch in the upper left of the room that resets the puzzle, though this also takes one heart of damage from Link.

In the odd-numbered rounds, there are two little Smogs and the block layout is symmetrical. In the even-numbered ones, there are three and the layout is asymmetrical, with the fourth round having a complicated map. When two Smogs are joined in the even-numbered rounds, they become an intermediate size which still acts the same as before, but moves slower and may latch onto a separate surface from either of those it was previously on. Once all Smogs are joined, they begin following Link in straight lines through the air, occasionally launching a small lightning bolt to zap him similar to a Buzz Blob. Attacking Smog enough causes them to explode, advancing to the next round or defeating them in the final round.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バロム
From "barometer," a device used to measure atmospheric pressure