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OoS SubRosa art.jpg
Artwork of Rosa (on the right) with three other Subrosians and Link from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons
First appearance The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (2001)
Species Subrosian
“It's horrible! A "temple," like, fell into Subrosia! Umm, what's a "temple"?”
Rosa, The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

Rosa is a Subrosian pop star and a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons, also appearing sporadically in the linked version of Oracle of Ages. She speaks like a stereotypical valley girl and as such tends to insert the word "like" randomly in her sentences. She carries a special key that can open any lock (similar to the Magical Key). She is said to be quite beautiful by the other Subrosians, though due to her hood she looks nearly identical to the rest aside from the ribbon she usually wears.

Rosa OoS-OoA sprite.png

Rosa is first seen on the north end of the Eastern Suburbs, where she confusedly runs in talking about the Temple of Seasons falling into Subrosia before saying she needs to return without anyone seeing her. Link needs to follow her through the Woods of Winter's western edge as she weaves around the trees, taking care not to let her notice him. If she does or Link leaves the area, the section needs started over back in the Eastern Suburbs. Eventually, she ends up in a small enclosure near Eyeglass Lake, briefly doubles back to check if anyone is following, then vanishes into a bush that contains a portal to Subrosia. She is not seen when Link enters Subrosia, though some of the residents mention seeing her pass by.

OoS Rosa bowless.png

Later, Rosa appears at the Subrosian Seaside, where she is found staring off to sea having lost her ribbon. She says she wants to explore the temple, but does not want to be seen without her ribbon. As such, Link must get her a new one from the Subrosian Market, to which she decides to have a "date" with him by exploring the temple. Using her key, Link can open the temple's Tower of Summer and gain that season's power for the Rod of Seasons. Link can ask Rosa for a "date" at any time, following him around Subrosia and leaving him when he either leaves Subrosia or goes to certain areas like the Strange Brothers' House, saying she had fun and wants to do it again. A later "date" is needed to reach a Piece of Heart in the Subrosian Volcanoes as it is behind a locked door.

In the linked version of Oracle of Ages, Rosa is found occasionally, apparently taking a trip themed after "the independent woman." She is first found in the past somehow, having washed ashore Crescent Island before the same happens to Link. She sees the Tokay that stole Link's Shovel and recognizes it as belonging to Link, forcing the Tokay to give it to her so she can return it. Once she does, she finds Link apparently forgot about their previous "date" and tells him that he would need to wait for another due to the theme of her trip. She is later found at Rolling Ridge Base in the present, saying that the Goron Dance is popular there, but the Subrosian Dance is "way cooler." As the past version of the same room shows, the Subrosian Dance is actually a variation of the Goron Dance, which she seemingly does not know.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウララ
Common Japanese female name, in this case punning off ウーラ (Ūra, Subrosian) and うららか (Urara Ka, beauty)