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First appearance The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
Species Anouki

Aroo is an Anouki living on the Isle of Frost in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. He lives in the middle north house of Anouki Estates. Prior to Link's arrival on the island, Aroo was kidnapped and impersonated by a brown Yook. When Link is trying to find which Anouki is actually the disguised Yook, "Aroo" accuses Kumu of being the liar. However, both Kumu and Gumo suspect him. When Link tells "Aroo" that he has figured out he is the Yook, he panics and threatens to defend himself. When Link presses on, the Yook dejectedly laments that he thought his costume was amazing. Ciela warns him to not try to fight and to turn himself in, but the Yook gets annoyed of her loud, squeaky voice and assumes his true form before threatening to eat her. Ciela panics and says she does not taste good, and the Yook relents. He considers running, but then tells them he will turn himself in instead. He then tells Link he will show him something good, but simply blows him out of the house with his icy breath before himself escaping.

Once Link recovers the Azurine from the Temple of Ice and leaves, the real Aroo greets him at the entrance. He explains he was bagged by the Yook while eating his stew. He was then trapped in a barrier until Link defeated Gleeok. If Link speaks to him again, he tells him he has no reward for him, but offers a compliment. If spoken to in his house, he tells Link he is recovering from his trauma, and thanks him again. He has a red Rupee buried in front of his house. He later sends a letter with an actual reward for him, a Wisdom Gem he found in the dump.