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First appearance The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
Other form(s) Bellum
“You have to stay calm, Link! Bellum's the bad one. He's latched onto his back! Get behind him and slash at his back...”
Ciela, The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Bellumbeck is the final boss of The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, formed when a near-death Bellum takes control of Linebeck, summoning a set of giant, Phantom-like armor around him. He slowly walks after Link, constantly facing him to avoid Link reaching Bellum. Occasionally, one of Bellum's tentacles will whip around his body to smack Link if he is close. Despite wielding a massive sword, he does not use it to attack at first, only using it to parry Link's own blows.

Link needs to use a Phantom Orb generated by Ciela to stop time, allowing Link to travel behind Bellumbeck and attack Bellum. However, the first time this is done, Bellum's eye will be closed, confusing Ciela at first. Ciela goes around behind Bellumbeck to keep track of when his eye is opened (represented through the upper screen, similar to the first half of the Crayk fight), but Bellum's tentacles swat at her and eventually trap her against the back of Bellumbeck's neck.

Now, Bellumbeck will occasionally vertically chop his sword at Link. Due to using it to restrain Ciela, he no longer whips his tentacle. Link needs to attack Bellumbeck directly after he uses the giant sword, eventually getting them to a deadlock the player much push through by rubbing the touch screen. This disorients Bellumbeck, and attacking him again causes him to fall forward. This makes his tentacle lose its grip, allowing Ciela the time to pass Link a Phantom Orb before he gets back up.

The player must now pay attention to when Bellumbeck's eye opens, and then freeze time once he does so. Once they do this, Link can attack the eye. Once time is restored, Bellumbeck rapidly slide forward, turning around into a three-point stance before starting to walk after him again. During this part, attacking Bellumbeck enough will prompt him to dodge sideways and retaliate. Link needs to prepare for this and attack him before he can swing, eventually causing another deadlock which must be pushed through to gain another Phantom Orb. He must then repeat the process of freezing time when his eye opens and attacking it. After enough repeats of this, Bellumbeck will begin using a move similar to the Hurricane Spin against Link. However, continuing will eventually cause Bellumbeck to fall, with the armor vanishing while Bellum flies off.