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Ho Ho Tribe

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The Ho Ho Tribe is a group of traveling humans in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. They can be found in a ship in the Southeastern Sea. All the ones shown look identical to Old Man Ho Ho in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and may be designed to explain the numerous places he appears in that game. They hail from an unseen land known as Wayaway, and are searching the seas for treasures. Most of them use their telescopes to look out the ship's portholes, but the one at the front uses his to study a large painting. If Link talks to him, he will tell him he is searching for a random type of treasure as it is valuable in his land, and offers to buy one from him for an arbitrarily large price, usually but not always above the market value. Once enough days have passed or Link has sold him a sufficient amount, the market of Wayaway will be saturated with the treasure and he will move on to looking for another, more valuable one. This cycle may continue indefinitely, and he will eventually request ones from before.

Another member of the tribe, Hoiger Howgendoogen, is on the back of the port side of the ship. He lacks a telescope entirely, but formerly had a kaleidoscope with his name on it. If Link obtains and returns it, he gives Link a Guard Notebook he found floating on the water.