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King Mutoh

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King Mutoh
First appearance The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

King Mutoh is a ghost from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, named for Mutoh, the carpenter boss. He is the king of the Cobble Kingdom, and his remains are buried in the largest temple on the Isle of Ruins, along with many riches that include the Aquanine pure metal. While Link is searching for the pure metal, he meets his four knights and learns that a monster, Eox, has invaded his temple and thus angered him greatly. Link goes to slay the monster, and once he does so, gains access to the king's chambers. When Link speaks to him, he recognizes that he must be the one who restored the temple to its silent, peaceful state, and introduces himself. Recognizing the three spirits of the Ocean King, he acknowledges Link as the true hero for both that and defeating the monster. He also realizes what Link wants, and upon learning the dire situation the Ocean King is in, decides that while he cannot do anything about it himself, is fully confident in Link's ability to. He causes the Aquanine to appear and returns to his eternal rest.

After Link receives the Phantom Sword, he receives a letter from King Mutoh, who congratulates him for his power and gives him a Power Gem.


  • King Mutoh only has one sequence of dialogue, thus talking to him repeatedly always results in the same speech.