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First appearance The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Bremeur is a ghost from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, named for Bremor the carpenter. He is the third-ranking of the four knights of the Cobble Kingdom, and the second one met. He looks like the other Cobble knights, with his garb being yellow. His remains are buried in the northwest temple on the Isle of Ruins, where the lock for the King's Key is located. When Link speaks to him, he introduces himself and says he defends the seal of the land. Recognizing the Regal Necklace, he deduces that something from King Mutoh's resting place is needed. Link tells him the pure metal is needed to make the Phantom Sword to slay Bellum, and Bremeur tells him that while King Mutoh does indeed have the metal, a monster has invaded his temple and enraged him. He then asks if Link is willing to destroy the monster to calm the king, thus making him more likely to listen to Link's request, and Link agrees. He then tells Link that before Mutoh's Temple can be opened, the ruins of the Cobble Kingdom must be resurrected, and tells him to see Doylan, the second knight, located in a temple to the east he describes as "treacherous." He then opens a bridge outside, allowing further progress.

Once the King's Key is obtained, Link returns to Bremeur, who tells him to place it upon the platform to unseal the kingdom. The obelisk the lock is on then sinks into the ground with a large area of white lights surrounding it, several rumbles are heard outside, and the water in the temple drains. Bremeur reappears and tells Link that now that the kingdom is resurrected, he can take a new path to see the first knight, Max.

If Link speaks to him again after helping the king, he thanks him, saying they can now sleep in peace.