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Link stands on a safe zone above a Reapling in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Reaplings are undead enemies encountered on the Ghost Ship in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, implied by the youngest Cubus Sister to be those who have died after boarding. They wear a purple robe, carry a scythe, and have a skull-like face. Behaviorally, they are almost identical to Phantoms, and like them, have one of Bellum's eyes on their backs.

In the game, Reaplings move back and forth in a set route continuously. They cannot be defeated, but Link can stun them temporarily if he shoots an arrow in their back using his bow, something the eldest Cubus Sister tells him not to do as bad advice. If a Reapling hits Link, he loses two hearts. Reaplings can pass through walls and also see through them unless Link is on a safe zone. If Link is with a Cubus Sister and she screams, a Reapling goes to where she screamed at. In one part, a Cubus Sister said that the Reaplings in the Ghost Ship should have scared Link. When Link triggers one of the dungeon's traps (either from heeding bad advice or simply using mechanics uncautiously), another Reapling will appear on the map. Once the Cubus Sisters are defeated, all the Reaplings vanish.


  • If the player is using a cheating device, Link can be equipped with the Phantom Sword earlier in the game and defeat Reaplings with it.
  • Reapling may have had a closer resemblance to Phantoms earlier in development, as it is known as TartnackD in the game files ("Tartnack" being a romanization of the Japanese name for Darknut, which is the label used for the types of Phantom. Additionally, despite the late identifier, Reaplings are actually encountered before both non-standard Phantom varieties).