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First appearance The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
Species Human
“Butter me up all you want, but it's gonna cost you big-time! So! Show me how much you want the Salvage Arm! SHOUT WITH SOME GUSTO!”
Eddo, The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Eddo, alternatively known as Master Eddo, is an inventor on Cannon Island in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Much like Barnes, he appears as a mostly bald middle-aged man with a single hair resembling a fuse. He is also quite short and has one arm in a sling, though it does not seem to hamper his ability as a mechanic.

Link first visit's Eddo's Garage when trying to obtain a cannon for his ship to blow up some rocks preventing passage to the western section of the Southwestern Sea. Eddo has locked the front door to his workshop, but according to his assistant Fuzo, the back door is usually unlocked. After Link travels around the back half of the bee-infested island, he reaches the back door and meets Eddo. At first he is curious about Link's presence, and becomes impressed at his determination to get one of his cannons, which he brags are works of art. He then repeatedly warns Link that his cannons are shockingly expensive, only for it to turn out they are only the mildly expensive price of 50 Rupees. When Link agrees to the price, he is taken aback, but ultimately decides he will take the money and sell him a cannon. He then unlocks the door and tells Link he is going to work on a Salvage Arm next.

When Link returns to the island once he needs a Salvage Arm, Eddo can again be found in his garage. He warns that this time, the price will be quite high, but he will determine it based on how loudly Link shouts for it. The player must make noise into the Nintendo DS's built-in microphone for this, though as Fuzo later points out, does not need to actually be shouting. If Eddo hears nothing, he will refuse to sell. Once Link has bought the Salvage Arm, Eddo does not build any more purchasable items.